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Cycle Race - Road Man, sometimes with the subtitle Gekisou!! Nihon Isshou 4000km, is a top-down cycling racing game for the NES. The player needs to tap the B button to build up speed and then use the D-pad to guide the cyclist along the road without crashing or slowing down too much. However, the player must be aware of the cyclist's damage (which drops each time the cyclist crashes) and power (which acts as the cyclist's stamina and drops if the player pedals too much) as the race will be over if either bar completely empties.

The player can select from four teams (from the four respective countries of Japan, USA, Italy and France) and choose between five cyclists in each team, each with a different assortment of strengths and weaknesses. After each race (or stage of the race, as this is a 4000km marathon) the player can earn points they can invest into a new bicycle with better stats.

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