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Cyvern: The Dragon Weapons is a shoot 'em up developed and published by Kaneko for the arcade platform.


In Cyvern: The Dragon Weapons the player takes control of a cyber dragon called a Cyvern and must shoot the way through each level and defeat the boss at the end.

Each Cyvern has a base attack that is used by tapping the attack button, a bomb which is used by pressing the bomb button, and a special attack called a Banish by holding the attack button.

Banish Attacks

Banish Meter

Each of the Cyverns in the game have a unique special attack called a banish attack. The banish attack is performed by holding down the base attack button. While the banish attack is being used, the banish meter which is located in the top left corner of the screen will gradually deplete. Once the banish meter is empty the attack can no longer be used. The meter can be re-filled by either waiting for it to slowly re-fill or by collecting power-ups.


There are three playable Cyverns that can be chosen at the beginning or each game as well as each continue.



Altair, the red Cyvern shoots a small spread red laser attack. On top of the red laser attack Altair also has a banish attack in which will breathe fire a good distance across the screen.


Shwarz, the blue Cyvern shoots a wider spread blue laser attack which is slightly less powerful than Altairs attack. Shwarz banish attack will shoot out lightning which will not only attack multiple targets, but will also automatically snap to enemy targets.


Ferious, the green Cyvern shoots a more concentrated but powerful green laser. Ferious banish attack is a large concentrated laser beam that can be aimed to the left or right.

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