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David Young as he explores his apartment

D4: Dark Dreams Don't Die is a cel-shaded Kinect-supported mystery adventure game developed by Access and published by Microsoft for the Xbox One on September 19, 2014.

The story follows David Young, a private detective from Boston who loses his memory after his wife, Peggy, is murdered. For mysterious reasons, this event imbues him with the power to "dive into the past" (although he can only do so with "mementos", items that refresh his memory of the events surrounding them). He must use this power to investigate the events leading up to the murder and attempt to change the past.

Headed by game director Hidetaka "Swery" Suehiro, the game shares many similarities with his 2010 game Deadly Premonition, including a surreal storyline with both absurd humor and an eccentric protagonist. The game is also stylized as a television series (with fake intro and credit sequences), split into different "Episodes", and includes some of his trademarks (such as an overweight minor character known as Forrest Kaysen).

The initial release of the game includes Season One (including the Prologue, Episode One and Episode 2 chapters) for $14.99. More episodes will be released at later dates as downloadable content. The game also includes free cosmetic DLC, adding new clothes to David's wardrobe.


In a action scene with Amanda

The game's action segments have been compared to Elite Beat Agents, in that the player must complete a variety of simple gestures in quick succession, and with correct timing, in order to affect the flow of the current scene. Gestures consist of swiping up, down, right, left with 1 or both arms.

Kinect Support

Investigating U.S. Marshall Derek Buchanan

The use of Kinect in the control scheme is meant to allow a "relaxing experience" while playing, rather than forcing players to stand up and move vigorously; Swery likens playing D4 to sitting down with a bowl of popcorn and watching TV.

A player can investigate areas using swiping hand gestures to rotate the character 360 degrees. When investigating items a player hovers their hand over it, this displays information about that item. Hand gestures or Kinect voice commands can be given when presented with on screen character response options.

Downloadable Content

Spy Fiction makes a return as costume DLC for D4's characters .

Free downloadable costumes will be made available each week after the game launches - announced every Monday and made available every Wednesday - which will tie into other well-known titles. The DLC will be free for 2 weeks after initial release.

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