Related to the D series?

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I'm really curious if this has anything to do with Kenji Eno's D games. Anyone familiar with the games should be aware that this wouldn't be too odd a fit for Swery. It would certainly make sense after Eno's recent passing. That being said, it would be a bit odd to name it D4 after the last game being D2 (even if the series does have three previous entries).

So what do you make of this? Am I mad? Is resurrecting an obscure series of games last seen on the Dreamcast too weird? Or, is it just weird enough for Swery?

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I have no idea, but that might be kind of cool.

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That is what I immediately thought of when I first saw the name of Swery's game, I doubt it though. I wouldn't put it past Swery though and it would be pretty amazing if it is.

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This is almost certainly not related to the D series.

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Trying to predict Swery just seems like a poor decision

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Wasn't D2 supposed to be an entirely separate game from D?

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@video_game_king: Yeah, it was. Kenji Eno had this whole slightly nonsensical idea of making multiple games with different settings and characters but with recurrent "digital actors" always playing the characters in each game. Like I said, nonsensical, but not miles away from Swery either. After all, Forrest Kaysen is in both Spy Fiction and Deadly Premonition but "plays" entirely different characters.

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