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Daedalian Opus is a single player puzzle game originally released in July of 1990. The game was developed by Vic Tokai Corporation and published by both Karoshi Corporation (MSX release) and Vic Tokai (Game Boy release).

The MSX version of the game was developed and released in 2006 by Karoshi Corporation as part of the MSXdev'06 competition.


The goal of each level is to completely fill in the area of a shape using only the puzzle pieces provided. These shapes were penominos, like Tetris blocks, and could be rotated in a similar manner. While lacking a modern "save" feature, upon completion of each level, the player was provided with a password they could enter later as a level skip.

Interesting facts

  • "Daedalian" is taken from the mythical Greek craftsman "Daedalus" who was responsible for contrusting the Labyrinth.
  • The password system was somewhat flawed, in that each password was a guessable four-letter English word.
  • The "ultimate" password that gives access to a level selection screen is "ZEAL". It is revealed upon completion of the final level.

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