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Daisu-Kiss is a mini-game collection developed and published by Konami for the arcade platform. Daisu-Kiss was only released in Japan.


At the start of the game a character can be chosen from a list of eight playable characters. The goal of the game is to progress through a series of mini-games to receive the affection of a character of the players choosing.


Dancing in the Club

In the dancing mini-game the object is to correctly replicate three dance moves. The instructor at the top of the dance floor will perform a dance moves with a series of directions and button presses appearing above her head. The goal is to memorize these patterns and then perform them without a mistake afterwords. If a mistake is made then a strike against the player is given, if two strikes are received than the player fails the game and another credit must be used to continue.


Cooking for a Kiss

In the cooking mini-game the object is to successfully cook six of the food items without burning any of them. At the start there are fifteen of the food items on the cook top. Once one of them starts to steam the cursor must be placed on it and the button pressed to flip over the food. Once the food has been flipped over and steams again then the food must be rotated using the same actions as flipping it. The third step is to take out the food, which is also performed in the same manner. If three of the food items are burned then a new credit must be used to continue or it is game over.

Word Scramble

Unscrambling Basic English Words

In the word scramble game the object is to unscramble the letters to make a word (in English). A series of letters will show up on the screen, the letters must be unscrambled by placing the cursor under the letter to be moved and then moving it. Once the correct word is displayed the next set of letters will be displayed. The game is won once six correct words are formed. If three words are not correctly made within the time limit then another credit must be used to continue.

Three Legged Race

And They are Off

The goal of the three legged race is to try and reach the end of the track before the other teams. In order to move forward left and right must be pressed alternately at the correct speed. If the wrong direction is pressed or if the directions are pressed at the wrong speed then the character and partner will fall to the ground. After a short time they will get back up and play will continue.


Getting Ready to Whack Some Creeps

The goal in the Whac-A-Pervert mini-game is to keep away a barrage of perverts from the chosen partner. In this game the player controls a cursor which is a hand with a hammer. Guys will come from any of the eight directions the joystick can be pressed. The direction of the man must be pressed in order to cursor over him, then the button must be pressed to smack him with a hammer. The game will be lost if three of the men are allowed to reach the partner.

Hide and Seek

Where's the Anime Waldo?

the object of the hide and seek game is to find the designated person in a crowded scene. Before the scene is shown a person on a poster will be revealed as the target. Once the scene comes up the cursor must be placed on the correct person and the button pressed. If the person chosen is incorrect then a strike will be given to the player. If the player accumulates two strikes then it is game over unless another credit is used.

Bully Breakout

Beat That Big Lipped Boss

In bully breakout the goal is to defeat the boss in the middle of his minions. Bully breakout plays like breakout where the player must bounce a heart around the screen trying to hit the enemy characters. The "paddle" at the bottom of the screen is the player and the chosen partner character, which can be controlled by pressing right or left on the joystick. The boss in the middle of the screen is surrounded by minion characters which can be defeated by hitting them one time with the heart. The boss character takes multiple hits to defeat and if not defeated quickly enough will summon more minions. If three hearts go past the character at the bottom of the screen then it is game over.

Tug of War

She's Mine!

The tug of war mini game is only played when two players try and choose the same partner in a round. When this happens both players hold on to one of the partners arms and must drag him or her across the line. For the partner character to be drug in the right direction the button must be pressed at a faster speed than the opponent.

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