Active DDR Communities?

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Looks like these forums don't get much action, but on the chance there are a bunch of people still interested in the DDR scene, do you know if there are forums/sites still devoted to DDR discussion, or is it mostly a dead phenomenon? It looks like is the most active, but even they don't have too many recent posts, and the site feels like its server is dying for how frequently it fails to load pages.

I ask because I have some dance pads that I'm trying to find a good home for and I have no idea whether it's even reasonable to expect someone to want them, but if they did, I'd be able to find them on a specialty forum.
#2 Posted by pieman32 (164 posts) -

maybe in asia. i think guitar hero made everyone forget about the whole ddr thing, cause it was a new wave of music games.

#3 Posted by OppressiveStink (357 posts) -
@RedRocketWestie: DDR is almost dead in the US.  Bemanistyle is about the only real still-alive community.

I just use the DDR sim with a cobalt flux pad at home and that's about as much of a DDR community that really still exists here in nebraska (We actually used to have one of the large ones).
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Thanks for the tips. I'll take a look at bemanistyle. I doubt I'd be able to cover shipping costs selling to someone in Asia.

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