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Has anyone else heard about Dan's new series, DIVERGENCE? It is a sci-fi and action series and should be debuting later this year! For updates from Dan himself, you can follow him on Twitter @dan_southworth!


DIVERGENCE is an action/sci-fi series starring Dan Southworth, Damion Poitier, Marta McGonagle, and Courtney Munch. The series follows former U.S. Army Intel officer Mark Leonard who struggles with paranoia and PTSD until he discovers that he is, in fact, being tracked by people…who can disappear into thin air. As Mark fights his way deeper into this mysterious world looking for answers, he encounters different factions attacking him or offering help—but few answers. Each new discovery draws Mark deeper into a mystery that seems to center on his own dark past.

The first ten episodes of DIVERGENCE: Season One will premiere in 2012. DIVERGENCE is created by Douglas Horn and Dan Southworth of POPULAR UPRISING.

The trailer can be found at

The show website is at

Anyone else heard about this new series and excited about it?

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I've heard about it. :) Looking forward to seeing it.

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Huh, it's nice to see they went through the trouble of making 2 accounts, A for effort.

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Are you Daniel Southworth? You have to tell me if you are.

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That made me chuckle. Very nice.

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For one, I have only one account ... the picture is the same on the two comments bc it is the default for this site. So as much as I appreciate the 'A for effort' comment, it is unnecessary :). For two, no I am not Dan Southworth, that is just information I found on the Divergence site. If you want to hear from him, he does post to that twitter account pretty regularly. Anyways, thanks for reading y'all.

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That sounds like a lame book. I've never heard of Daniel Southworth.

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Please don't advertise on Giant Bomb. Thanks!


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