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Dantalion possesses a book that reveals all secrets past, present, and yet to come. He also can read the thoughts of humans, and can influence their minds. He teaches the sciences. He takes the form of a man with many heads, that of both men and women. 


In Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey, Dantalion hangs out on the top floor of Eridanus. He will pay the player to map out the various areas of the game in his stead.   


In Giten Megami Tensei, Dantalion confronts Ayato shortly after he and Newton escape the (now ruined) Shelter. He is a "watershed" boss who is infamously difficult unless the player is well prepared. Should the player defeat him they meet up with "Pentagram", a group of human freedom fighters who are battling against the demon forces. Dantalion continues to be the major antagonist at this point in the game, as the focus of Pentagram at this time is to liberate humans from a slave-labor camp run by him.

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