Dante's Inferno getting Co-op dlc and challenger creater

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Woops i mean challenge creater not challenger. Silly me.
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Sounds good.
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Sounds like something that deserves to be in the shipping game to give it an added edge against the competition. Not ready yet? Hold the release. Seriously. This is such a stupid decision by EA. 
Regardless, I'll buy it when it comes out. Too significant to pass on.

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@Zereta: Seems prudent to me. God of War III is going to blow them out of the water regardless.  There is no way they could go head to head, so pushing back the release and competing directly would be a bad move.  So they release the main game a month before GoW3 comes out, then the DLC a month after it.  By that point the initial frenzy for GoW3 will be over and maybe they can pick up some of the people who held off on GoW or who already finished it.
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@Garden_Ninja: That may be. Never considered that. Though all the more, you move DI out of GOW3's way completely and move it way back. Add this DLC and expand on maybe some other content that we know will be coming. Don't try to turn it into a business venture to try and earn money off DLC. A much later release with this content and then some in the box will help the game so much more. 
Again, its EA though :( Activision overtook them in the 'Shit' area but they have not fallen out completely.
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Here's a question does anyone know if its gonna be exclusive to the ps3 version? I was going to buy it for the 360 in april so I could also get the DLC but I dont want to buy the ps3 version cuz my friends were going to buy it for the 360. I have both consoles so it doesn't really matter but it would be nice to know.
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looks good, will buy it when it comes out

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