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Dapper Swine was founded by Jason Brown on March 1st, 2011. The small developer/publisher combo began as a one person studio and remains that way to this day.

Though their first released title was Blasted Fortress, two games were in the works prior: An unnamed adventure game and a space shooter called VoidTech.

Blasted Fortress had a strange history, first being a 3D game with characters styled similarly to Russian dolls and later morphed into what it is today, a 2D game with pixel art roughly mimicking an SNES aesthetic.

Although Blasted Fortress was a great success (compared to its budget) grossing about $3,500, the company was almost completely invisible to the public until the announcement of SeedScape in late 2014.


Dapper Swine's intellectual properties include Blasted Fortress and SeedScape. Blasted Fortress appeared on Steam in January 2015 and SeedScape is slated to arrive on Steam as well in 2015. New intellectual properties have been confirmed to be under development but nothing about these games or their genres is known at this time.


  • Blasted Fortress is the first of an unnamed series of games that is meant to possibly span genres as it goes along, and will continue to feature the same universe of characters.
  • Before SeedScape appeared as it is today, the game appeared on Steam Greenlight as a prototype and in full 3D. This was around the time that Blasted Fortress was to transition to 2D, and it was pulled because the one-man studio was anticipating that like Blasted Fortress, doing full 3D art would not be feasible while also doing all of the programming and technical work.
  • SeedScape's artist, Jennifer Dawe is not technically a cemented part of the Dapper Swine team and owns her own studio, Happy UFO Studios. This means SeedScape is in fact a collaboration, though Dapper Swine owns the rights to the property.

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