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Darius is an associate of the protagonist in Need for Speed: Carbon. He was a friend of yours in the past before the events involving Nikki (played by Emmanuelle Vaugier) and the race that forced your departure from the city. Darius is responsible for running Stacked Deck, who are the largest and most powerful street racing group in Palmont City. Unlike all the other groups, Stacked Deck operate with a mixture of all three car classes. Darius himself drives an Audi R8, though the model in the game is an Audi Le Mans Quattro prototype. The cutscene showing Darius uses the song 'Hype Boys' by Sway.
Darius' team, Stacked Deck, are the largest in the game. Unlike any of the other teams, they will never lose a part of their territory until the player begins getting into their turf. The other teams will push and pull with smaller crews who are only encountered in races.  Once Darius has been defeated during his canyon race, he will speak about how there is always someone faster than you before departing with a member of his team.

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