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Oldshool Dark age of Camelot

Dark age of Camelot is a very unique MMORPG,

Unlike other games of its time like Ultima Online which based mostly on Pvp and Everquest which focused more on Pve, Dark age of Camelot took more of the middle road putting both pve and pvp into the game allowing players to progress in both types of playstyle.

There are three realms, Midgard, Hibernia and Albion, players could play on either realm and be enemies of the other realms, you are thrown into a world where you are fighting against those other realms. This 1v1v1 type of pvp style combat is what made it so great and exciting.

Dark age of Camelot in its prime, (before expansions,) was an amazing game, it took large battles to another level, there were times where you were in battles of 50 midgards, 40 albions and 30 hibernia and strategy was the only thing that decided who would win.


-This review focuses on Daoc itself, not its expansions.. obviously Daoc is a shadow of its former self, but in its prime it deserved a solid 9.


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