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Originally released in 1991 in 3 volumes, the first of which was freely available as shareware, this game has since been released in its entirety as freeware.

  • Volume 1: Prince of Destiny
  • Volume 2: The Undead Kingdom
  • Volume 3: Dungeons of Doom


The gameplay consists of 2D platforming through several different environments, throwing energy bolts at enemies that come your way. Initially you could only throw one energy bolt at a time, but this could be increased by picking up additional combo spheres to a maximum of 4. The energy bolt itself could also be upgraded through several statues found throughout the game, the 4th and final form being a constant stream of energy, also upgrading your combo spheres total to 16 allowing you to fire off a constant stream of energy.

You have 8 health throughout the entire game and coming into contact with any enemy or hazard will reduce it by 1. The only ways to increase your health is by collecting coins, the number of which needed varies depending on the difficulty setting, or by collecting a rare heart power up, restoring your health to full.

Progressing through the game involves often fighting your way to the opposite side of the level, but often there will be an old man who will open the path to the next level when you find a certain item and bring it to him.

The levels themselves are linked together by entering doorways, either at a specific point where and old man has opened a path, or at the end of the level, where a gap appears in the environment just large enough to enter. This forces you into a particular spot when you enter the next level, allowing a seamless level transition, that is quite advanced for the time.


This game and many others were released as freeware by 3D realms in March 2009 and can be downloaded from their website:

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