mikeydct's Dark Cloud (PlayStation 2) review

Dark cloud is great at first but takes a turn for the worst

Dark cloud is great at first but takes a turn for the worst at the end. A dark genie has been released to the world and destroying the world. Toan Town has just been destroyed by the beast and finds out has the power to bring the town back. Toan goes around collecting orb which the part of the town is in and put the towns back together. During your quest you find characters that want to help you defeat the genie. This game is a long one, may take you 40 to 60 hour to finish. There are six worlds to explore and many levels filled with monsters, power ups, weapons, and orbs. Most of your time will be building up your weapons. Each monster you battle helps your weapon to level up and you can add on attachments to your weapon. There are two types of attachments, statistical enhancement and element. Statistical enhancement helps your strength, speed, attack, and magic. You can add elements of Fire, wind, lighting, holy, and ice to get a bit of help with monster. This works for example like in Pokemon, you use a fire type against a grass type because grass is weaker and against fire. Each character can hold ten weapons. The story is great but takes a weird turn just a little more than half way thought the game then comes back torts the end. *Spoiler alert* you find out you need to go to the moon, that right there made me go "ok that sound dumb". It doesn’t fit in the story and the look of the game. It has that mid evils time look and sound. When your on the moon you never to find parts to this big robot and build it and when it’s done you will go face the genie. He gets away and you need to go to the castle. Guess what you have to done next? YOU NEED TO LOOK FOR MORE ORBS! What the $&#%? You think when you get there the boss will be there and you fight him but no. you have to go though 25 levels and collect orb of someone memories. After to collect all the orbs and put the pieces in the right place you can fight the boss and it’s a good fight. The graphs are ok, nothing that will give the PS2 a work out with. Some time it looks like a Nintendo 64 or Play station with great graphs. There are problems with the camera at time. It gets caught around a corner, you can move the camera but you can’t move and not be lock on to any monsters. And there is a problem with locking on monster. It’s easy to lock on them just press the circle button, but some times you press the button it locks on to a monster far away or nothing at all. I like to lock on the monster because you get a health bar on them but not for bosses, which I don’t like. There is no way to know how much health a boss has at anytime. I fought with a boss for 40 minutes and before he died, I was fighting him the wrong way. If I knew I was fighting him and doing little to nothing I would have changed something. The sound is good, the entire music fix the world’s just right. The music can get to you if you play in one world for a long time. The music changes when you are about to fight a monster. This is great to give you a warning that a monster is near. This doesn’t happen at the last world, I don’t know why not but I miss it. I saw in the credits that there are voice actors in the game but no voice. The entire names are Japanese so I guess the Japanese version as voice. I would love it if the American version had voice, that’s the one thing I would like in the game because I don’t like reading. This is the first RPG I have finished and I like it. Put aside the story this game is good. After you finish the game there’s a new world open with 100 levels and that have monsters that very very strong. That gives the game a great replay value. In closing this game not the best, the story brings it down to be ok game


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