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Dark Sector--Review

I was shocked when I played Dark Sector for the first time. I've never seen a game make such a sad attempt at blatantly copying another game. I could put this review into one sentence but I wont.

Single Player
I guess I should mention the only good thing about the game first. The graphics are great. That's it.  They tried to reproduce Gears Of War. Everything down to the controls. Whats so sad is that they ripped off Gears of War and still managed to make it bad. Now I that they have every right to make the game how they want. But If your gonna copy Gears, then at least do it right. I could not get into the single player story. I tried multiple times but I couldn't get myself to enjoy it. I always try to point out the good points in games, but I only found one this time, and graphics DO NOT make the game.

Once again, nothing special here. Good graphics, gameplay isn't intriguing, and doesn't add much to the replay value. I didn't spend enough time to be able to say a lot about the multiplayer, but it plays like the single player story and that's all i need to know.

Overall, all I can say is if you are itching for some third-person action, just play through Gears again. Trust me, you'll have more fun doing that.


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