seraphim84's Dark Sector (Xbox 360) review

Resident Evil with a Glaive

Dark Sector takes you through Russian warehouses and other battlefields as you fight zombies and other infected sorts.  The typical story of our hero being infected by the very thing the bad guys are propagating is well in place, giving our hero Hayden a big glaive to toss around and chop assorted body parts off with.

Most would say the game plays most like Gears of War with it's cover system and sprinting, but I would liken it more to Resident Evil 5 almost exactly.  The bad guys are rather limited in variation, but it can be fun to slice up the humans and zombies.  I personally never used  anything aside from the glaive and in an emergency my pistol.  Once you receive the Aftertouch which allows you to direct the weapon after you throw it, it's pretty fun directing that thing towards everyone's jugular.  So the one defining mechanic of the game is done wonderfully.

Does this make up for the rest of the game?  It depends.  The puzzles are very simplistic, and there isn't much to guess at when it comes to bosses (i.e. aim for the big glowing blue parts or a neck).  My biggest gripe is the inconsistancy in levels.  The first three of 10 missions will be completed easily within a half hour, but the fourth mission takes an hour if not two to complete!  Another two quick ones, and then another treacherously long level.  The story is just as fragile, basically going through its paces, but not really interesting in any large aspect.

If you're looking for a gory variation on Resident Evil, this may do you well, but it's no prime contender to the big leagues.  It's an enjoyable play once, but probably not something to return to unless you want to see how many heads you can roll in one glaive throw, which is pretty damn fun.


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