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200 years on from Driller times, the Ketars take revenge. On the Dark Side of Evath's other moon, Trucuspid, a giant weapon, Zephyr One, has been constructed aimed to blow Evath to bits.
To gain sufficient power, a network of ECD's (Energy Collection Devices) were constructed around the moon. The suspended solar cell at the ECD apex collects energy from Evath's sun then transmits this energy through the power line matrix for the final assault on Evathkind.


To avoid mass panic on Evath this mission is highly confidential. You have been dropped inconspicuously on Tricuspid into a safe zone by a routine patrol ship. Your mission is to destroy every ECD, thus disabling the Zephyr One weapon and saving Evath from certain destruction. Score guide - first week target - one million points.


Your space suit comes complete with quad lasers, a plasma band shield, jet power pack for extra mobility, plus a small supply of fuel.


The display shows the Freescape TM generated view through your space suit helmet. The LED lights to the right indicate the rate at which the ECD's are collecting power. When the top LED lights, Zephyr One will fire!!!


Evath is only minutes away from destruction. Every time an ECD is successfully disabled the energy collection rate will be slowed, thus allowing more time.



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