A bug with weapon switching?

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Please let me know if anyone else has experienced this...but sometimes randomly, my character will just switch from shield to bow while I'm in combat?? If I only have a shield in the weapon slot, it switches to his hand? Same with the right weapon slot, they both randomly switch as if I'm pressing the left or right pads to change weapons, except I'm not pressing anything...it's VERY frustrating because I've died so many times due to switching to a bow from shield while blocking deadly hits. Also, sometimes I'm blocking with my finger solid on the L1 button, and he's randomly parry :/ yay, another death.

If others are experiencing this let know, or it's my controller that's faulty.

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No , there must be something wrong with your controller dude. Aso bows are two handed so when you switch to one the character will automaticly 2 hand it

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I have had this exact same experience with both the original Dark Souls and this. I bought a new controller and it stopped happening altogether.

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First I hear of this issue. That's not saying anything of course, but no, I haven't experienced it. Dumb question, but are you sure you're not accidentally pressing the D-Pad? Perhaps the buttons could be stuck or something?

Or... the game does queue up commands to a certain extent. It could be that you pressed it while staggered for instance and 2 seconds later after you regain control, it then switches weapons. Every button you push counts. You cannot redo button presses like in most games.

@aetheldod No they won't? You can equip a bow in one hand, you just won't be able to use it that way. You need to press the attack button in order for it to 2-hand. It doesn't go automatically.

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I haven't had that. But I do have an issue of it not switching sometimes. It doesn't seem to have the same input commands system as the first game. in DS1 I could drink an estus and in the middle of that action switch weapons. And once the drinking animation was done the weapon would change. I can't do that anymore. And some times when I hit the button it either takes a full second or it just doesn't switch and I have to press it again. I can't count how many times I hit the button to change to my sword and then I ended up throwing another lightning bolt because it didn't change.

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That happened to me is DS1. It was the controller.

Edit: although, it happening to 3 people in the same series of games on the same forum makes me a bit suspicious. Maybe it's a coincidence.. Although, pretty sure it was only happening in dark souls (weapons kepts switching. Actually happened while I was fighting sif, and I still beat him). I would try a different controller

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@zevvion: But the shield goes away does it not? That what I meant , alas this is from previous souls games maybe they changed it on DS2 (crosbows are great by the way)

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@aetheldod: I don't know, maybe you are talking about something else than I am and we're misunderstanding each other. You can have a bow in your right hand and a shield or anything else in your left hand. If you want to use the bow, you're going to have to 2-hand it, but that's a manual trigger, doesn't go automatically.

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@zevvion: Oh .... my bad , anyway I mentioned that because he said or at least I understood that he changed into a bow and loosed the shield ... or something like that :/

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I'm not accidentally pressing the D-pad guys. And yes, I know a bow is 2-handed. When it switches to bow it's not in attack mode though, he just pulls the bow out as if I pressed the left pad to switch. And no it's happened when all I've had in my left hand is a shield for a long time, so it can't be a command build-up.

Ok, I use the bow in my left weapon slot, not the right, been using it like that since DS1. For those who don't understand, what happens is I will be blocking with my shield (holding L1) and suddenly my char switches to a bow in the left, and changes weapons in the right slot...so it's like I pressed left and right pad to change shield to bow and weapon...except, my fingers are far from the D-pad :/ it happens randomly at times. Also while blocking sometimes, my guy parries without me touching L2. My finger will be solid on L1 blocking and he's randomly hitting a parry move :/

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I'm having the same issue

sometimes it's really annoying, specially when blocking. I needed 1 hit to kill a boss and i pretty much had it in the bag, boss attacks i'm holding block just before hitting i see my items/shield ect light up and switching and knew i was screwd =[.

First i thought i might be accidently pressing the dpad but it happend to often now while being sure i was nowhere near the dpad

it's possible my controller needs replacement but never less i do have the same problem and is only with the switching of items/weapons (doesn't randomly attack or ignore buttons)

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I've been having the same problem. I think I know what's causing it. You can try it. Go to an open safe area. Now move with the left analog and also press it down(click) as you move left/down and up/right. If you notice, you can see the the weapon slots/item slots get highlighted sometimes the weapons and items change as you push left/right or up/down. This down press occurs to me in the heat of battle and causes me to block with a bow or swing with no sword. I've died a few times when this happens. It sucks during a boss fight. If you can avoid pressing down on the left analog when you move there should be no problem.

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The first time I played, not much, once I get used to the mechanics, for sure. It doesn't matter anymore if the game has flaws or doesn't work as you like, you adapt yourself to what you got, to what you paid for. And that's pretty much for any videogame, really.

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No but I've done that parry/stun thing with a bow which seems a weird/useless thing to be able to do.

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