Convert console save to PC?

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I fully recognize that the game has only been officially out on the PC for what, 30 minutes, but since I've put 40-50 hours into the PS3 version and haven't finished my first playthrough, I found myself wondering: does anyone have any semblance of an idea of whether someone will devise a way to convert console saves over to the PC?

The only time I've even ever dealt with that was moving from the PS3 version of Skyrim over to the PC - which, surprisingly enough there was a way to get that to work, which I was grateful for.

So while it's not without total precedence (not sure how common it is to do this with other multi-platform franchises), I just thought I'd toss the question out there and see if anyone else had given it any thought, or knew of something I didn't. A shot in the dark, I know, but hey, never hurts to ask!

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Yeah, this would be nice, but I'm not sure. I think the Skyrim situation was something of an anomaly, but I did it there as well. I looked into transferring my Mass Effect 2 save from my Xbox to PC not too long ago, but it was a lot more work from what I recall, and I ended up abandoning it. Someone may figure it out eventually, but I doubt it'll be as simple a process as with Skyrim. Hopefully I'm wrong.

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