Curious on if you got lost at points? (Spoilers)

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I've recently finished my first play through of the game this week and so was writing my thoughts up on the game.

During play I got completely stuck on how to progress the story and was seeing if I was the only one who got stuck at the same places. Did you get stuck somewhere else?

Here were my three areas.

1. Returning to the Miracle trainer to open the way to Huntsman Corpse.

This threw me completely since I was stuck at the three ruin sentinel boss fight and wanted to go somewhere else desperately. I decided to retrace my steps though all the previous areas to discover she had moved there and would open that door.

2. Burning the windmill

This I wish had been more obvious, I was playing on the day the servers were being buggy so had no soul summing messages and ended up wasting so many healing items on that boss. No NPC hinting or anything. I did feel thick once I figured it out but that took a good few hours.

3. The King Ring Doors

After receiving the king ring I returned to the queen and she kept saying go to the throne room which I did, killed the two watchers down there and didn't know where to go next. I returned to the queen who kept saying go to the throne room and the emerald lady wasn't being helpful either.

After exploring all previous areas for around three hours I weakened and checked online for the first time.

Do you think the game should of telegraphed these a bit more?

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I wouldn't say that the game should have telegraphed where to go next more...I would say it's just badly designed and is a terrible component of an otherwise great game.

What happens if you don't light the windmill, btw? I did it due to the msgs and never realized what it actually did?

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I like the ambiguity of the game. Its part of the appeal to me. Trying to figure things out is just as fun as engaging in the combat.

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Yeah I got lost a few times; felt pretty immersive the first few times but got annoying when I had all the lord souls and had no idea where to go. It's entirely possible to get lost in the first Dark Souls as well; just the game's a lot smaller so you have fewer places to check.

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I think the only one time I was really stuck as to where to go next was after beating Demon of Song. I had completely missed the path to head to Undead Crypt, and since you're awarded the key to save the other malfinito, I figured the next major story beat was located back in Drangleic Castle somewhere.

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I didn't get lost at all because I have a good sense of direction and can form a geometric space in my mind fairly easily. I got stuck though. I don't use miracles. I'm level 209 and still have 6 attunement. I have no reason to talk to the miracle lady. Once I met her and realized she would be useless to me I stopped talking to her and carried on my journey. She never moved on to the room in Majula.

The King's Gate stuff shouldn't have thrown you. You come across those doors all the time and it's like "fuck, I guess I need to come back here at some point later in the game." Same with the Memories of a Giant/Dragon.

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I was totally baffled as to where to go after meeting the Ancient Dragon. It's the only point I had to straight up look at a guide to figure out what to do next. Everything else went more or less smoothly, though getting to Huntsman's Copse is dumb.

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I got lost at the very beginning of the game. Wasn't sure how to proceed after meeting those old ladies in the hut. Yep.

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@soldierg654342:I got lost getting to Huntsman's Copse too. I also didn't realize how to open the doors to Drangleic Castle because it didn't occur to me that the statue in front that I had activated had done so because I killed something near it. I remember not being sure where to go after getting the Ashen Mist Heart from the Ancient Dragon, but it wasn't long before I found out; only, I don't remember I looked it up or just stumbled upon the tree when I went through the king's door.

@mosespippy You're right about the king's doors being fairly prominent since they're spread apart tell you to produce the symbole of the king; the ring's description even says what it unlocks. But the stuff with the Ashen Mist Heart was definitely less clear, seeing as all but one of the things you can use it on appear in a very early area in the game, and the item description just says to use it on things that are withered. That's certainly more clear than having to talk to certain NPCs to get them to move (which I forgot to do on a second character), but overlooking the giants can be pretty easy to do depending on how soon you investigate the king's doors. As a last note, I was also thrown because I made note of the seed of the giants starting gift while picking something else on my first playthrough, so I just assumed that was what I needed, and I didn't have a reason to revisit the soldier's resting place bonfire where you get the item in the game because I didn't know I could interact with the giant. Anyway, I didn't expect to have that much to say about that. Obviously a lot has to go wrong to really throw someone off some things. I managed to achieve that.

About the windmill: burning it apparently gets rid of a bunch of extra poison in the boss room as well as some poison in the lower level of Earthen Peak. I came across message before fighting the boss as well, so I can only assume the poison in her arena was more of the swampy kind. Apparently you can summon an overpowered jester to help fight her in that case

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For me, it was:

- Finding the Copse area, because I hadn't talked the last time to the miracle lady.

- Figuring out where to go after getting the four souls. I had explored down the path with the Winter Shrine but never actually noticed that side path. This was the one time I had to look up where to go and hated how obvious it was when I figured it out.

Also, I was pissed about the windmill thing when I finally figured it out. I spent an entire hour looking for a way to stop the poison production in that area. I KNEW there had to be some way to drain that poison; I just knew it. However, I couldn't figure out where to shut down the poison production. This was something I needed to get a hint for online, and I was livid when I went and tried it out. Who would think to burn a METAL piece of the windmill with a torch in order to stop the poison? Such a ridiculously arbitrary thing that I would have never found and gone slowly insane.

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There were a couple points where I didn't quite know where to go. I ended up going to the Shaded Ruins very early on along with the Gutter when I hit dead ends. Once I finished those areas I tried to look for No-Man's Wharf which I completely missed the entrance to cause I went to go fight Ornstein after the Dragonrider and never went back. Doing that let me find Huntsman's Copse which I never would have found otherwise.

I also totally missed the burning the windmill thing. As I fought Mytha a billion times I thought, there's gotta be a trick to this, you can totally drain the poison right? After I (somehow) managed to beat her, I started Sunbro'ing and sure enough, the other guy that was summoned led the host around to the ladder guy and the windmill. I was furious I had missed all of that. To be fair though, I got really good at fighting Mytha. Fighting her with all of the poison is ridiculous.

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I beat the game last week and didn't even know you could burn the windmill. Fuck.

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I wouldn't say that the game should have telegraphed where to go next more...I would say it's just badly designed and is a terrible component of an otherwise great game.

What happens if you don't light the windmill, btw? I did it due to the msgs and never realized what it actually did?

Just in case no one has replied... uh nothing much. Just the top floors of earthen peak have poison everywhere and the boss fight with the Queen takes place in a room literally filled with poison.... This makes this fight almost unwinnable because not only are you going to be poisoned almost instantly but when she is in poison she recovers health.

I admit I got stuck at first at the warf, it was hard to see in certain areas without a torch and I over looked the switch to activate the boat the first time through the area. Also like most people the hunstman's copse thing threw me. In fact due to my insistence on playing blind I didn't get the copse open until after I had done everything else and a friend advised me to make sure to "talk" to everyone until they had nothing left to say.

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The most i got lost was when i got the 4 boss souls, she told me to go to the castle, and im like "oh ok" so i went to the forest of fallen giants, its a big ass castle right?

It was the single only time i asked for advice in the game, i had NO idea where to go and the NPCs werent telling me, i didnt have a clue. I must have completely forgotten or just didnt see that the shaded woods forks off so many different directions.

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I can honestly say the only time I ever felt somewhat lost was in The Gutter, but I would say that was less like being lost and more like having no idea what I was doing.

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Didn't get lost, but went to Tower of Flame before going to Forest of Giants. Unintentionally.

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I didn't really get lost, but it took me a good while before I returned to the area where the miracle lady was and found Huntsman's Copse. I had completely forgotten about the mechanism that was hidden in that area and only went there because I specifically was looking for her. Seeing as she was a vendor and all other vendors went back to Majula I was confounded as to why I couldn't find her there. I didn't really consider that area to be part of Majula which is why I didn't check it earlier. There is totally a hint that you should check the place though, the area sort of lights up with some magical light, but when I saw it I couldn't remember whether it had always been there and I jjust hadn't noticed it earlier. It doesn't stick out a lot because the area isn't very dark to begin with.

As for when I collected the 4 Souls, I had already found the Castle when I only had two of them, but the Herald was there and said "This is a bad idea right now, chum" so I waited.

I went and fought the Throne Guardian bosses but died once and figured that it was the end of the game anyway so decided to check the other King doors I had found. I thought, even after beating the game, that beating the Throne Guardians would have ended the game and that checking the other King doors first led you to a different ending.

After I met the Ancient Dragon it only took me a couple of minutes before I figured out where to go next, but I had heard some chatter on the internet about "memory" levels so that probably helped.

I didn't know you could "burn the windmill", actually I still don't know where I would go to do that, I eventually just thought I had messed up the boss room by using the Pharros lockstone on the face that cried poison, since it didn't seem to do anything else. I did spend a good amount of time looking for some sort of way to empty the bossroom of poison though, becasue that shit was just ridiculous. It slows you down AND Poisons you AND heals the boss, also I didn't even have any poison healing items. Never found it though but eventually beat the boss after I don't know how many tries.

I also didn't know how you opened hidden doors, I just thought the game didn't have any after hitting the walls through over half of it and finding nothing. It was one of the cons to playing offline without messages I guess. It was when Patrick said something on Twitter about hidden doors in the Ruin Sentinels bossroom that I went there and eventually figured it out.

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Didn't get lost, but went to Tower of Flame before going to Forest of Giants. Unintentionally.

I had the complete opposite. Didn't notice the chain you need to pull to get to Heide's so I ended up killing the Sinner before doing anything else.

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Didn't get lost per se, but missed two optional areas, Belfry Sol and Undead Purgatory. Didn't know those were there until the game "reveals" all the areas and bonfires for the last third of the game. It was cool because I thought I went everywhere and this got me to at least to some degree explore the entire game once more.

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It's nice to hear the windmill stumped a lot of people, well not nice but still :P

The king door what threw me was because I remember the one at the beginning of the game since I kept going back to that one trying lots of different rings :P

The last in the castle I remember, it was because I died a lot by those stone statues haha.

The one in the woods...I visited once and completed forgot about - did feel stupid afterwards but just was annoyed since the NPC kept saying go to the throne room and follow the king.

All in all, cheers for this. Helped me a lot :)

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I got stuck at two points :

- Before entering to huntsman copse. By this time I was on a str/dex build, so I had no use for miracles and stopped speaking to Licia. What saved me from going on the internet for the answer is the fact I'm a completionist, so when I got stuck, I told myself : "Some NPC could have some answers... And even if they don't they could have sidequests or interesting lore for me." That's how I made the girl move to the room and, seeing her here, I understood she had the key.

- As someone above, I completely missed the passage to the crypt and, with the key given by the Demon of Song, I thought the answer was in the castle.

For the Giant's Dreams, I already knew the doors needed something from the king, so when I got the ring, I deduced it was the key. When I saw that I could interact with the trees of the fallen giants (I already knew that from the very beginning of the game, since I felt they were too particular to begin with and tried to interact with it, but by the time I had forgotten) but doing so would do nothing, I knew I lacked another key. Then I went to the only king's door remaining to claim the ashen mist heart.

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far from done. but the windmill was a curve ball for sure.

Just this morning I fell for a bell brothers message to use one of my precious pharros stones on that stupid dead end in the iron keep. "hidden passage: in short, do it". yea right

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@fantus1984: I got stuck on the miracle trainer simply because it was late and I guess I wasn't paying as much attention. I thought she meant that buying miracles from her and using them would unlock the way - and I distinctly remember thinking "why don't you just let me pay you to use miracles and open it FOR ME I'm not a faith build!" So I left and started doing other stuff before I looked it up and realized that simply talking to her one more time would open up the option to pay her for the service. Doh.

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Can't believe how many of you beat the poison boss with the room full of poison, that just seems mad haha!

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I also beat Mytha without draining the poison. I figured there was some kind of trick to the fight but accepted I'd probably never figure it out on my own.

I've beaten the game but I still don't know what the fifth area on the quick travel screen is though. Since it's right after the Heide's tower bonfire on the list I figured it's some bonfire I missed for the Blue Cathedral but it doesn't appear to be. Perhaps I'm missing something obvious.

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I got completely stuck at the end of Dragon Aerie, The last drawbridge leading to Dragon Shrine. I wasnt aware you had to book it, and since the camera gets special, I thought you had to have a certain item to not have a dragon destroy the bridge.

After falling to my deaths many many times, I had to watch a youtuber do it...was less then pleased when i found out all you do is run and roll.

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@takayamasama: That's pretty cool that that actually happened to someone; I've yet to see it personally.

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Was totally disoriented by the Earthen Peak. Shaded Ruins was a tedious excursion.

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I didn't get stuck, though that was mostly lucky on my part. I happened upon the miracle trainer opening Huntsman's Copse, I was able to go into the Giant's memory just because of the order I tackled the King Ring doors in (with the FotFG door coming after the Alida's Keep door), and I stumbled into the Throne King Ring door almost immediately afterwards.

I didn't think any of the individual levels were nearly as confusing as the Depths or New Londo Ruins. It might have been easy to miss some parts if you didn't explore every avenue available, but the main path to the next boss/bonfire was usually pretty clear.

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i just recently completed the game. i went to take out all the bosses except for the mist heart dragon. and trying to unlock every bonfire plus some of the secret things.
i did not have a problem with the things you mentioned. with the kings ring i guessed it was sorta late game so i just waited until i got it.
the only reason i was not stuck at the windmill part was because of a shit ton of messeges saying to do it but i was a bit to powerful so i could have done it without doing so. even thought the poison heals her and a single lifegem or 2 would anull the poison but it was helpful.
but i was stuck trying to find some locations:
shine of amana. for some reason i could not find it. and i ofc diddent know where to look.
belfry luna, undead purgatory,doors of pharros.
so i was stuck a couple of times due to that having me just run around doig mindless stuff until i finaly found it
and to all the people complaining about wasting pharros stone on something stupid. trust me your not alone. as someone who dont want to rule the rat kingdom and never intended to i have spend way to many stones there

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I got lost at the very end. I beat the two guys in the throne room before entering the tree, which apparently doesn't trigger the end boss fight. Couldn't imagine fighting both back to back. Had to look online for help.

Also I completely forgot about the fog gate leading to The Persuer. Ended up completing half the game before realizing.

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I never hit a full dead end. I did notice the light above the switch room (with the cleric chick) but didnt check it out for ages. I also somehow told a friend where I thought we should go next (playing at roughly the same pace) then immediately forgot myself. Only when he said "dude, you LITERALLY told me what you thought we should check out" did i remember what I had said to him and checked it out myself.

I only looked up some of the super-locked doors when I had beaten the game (which caught me by surprise, i thought i had 2-3 more fights to go). I felt great about staying pure during this play-through. In fact it led to me being very disappointed in a few things which i imagined where huge revelations but were nothing.

Towards the end I kept checking a few points regularly, and felt the dialogue was pretty straight-forward. I'm not sure the last game(s) worked the same way, but for some reason I did feel the need to check particular points compulsively.

***spoiler below***




from the moment the Queen's portrait cursed me, i was crazy suspicious of her. I tried burning the portrait, i tried attacking her, and then I knew I would eventually have to face her. I even kept revisiting her throne room and the empty double-throne room just in case.

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@takayamasama: Wait, there is something happening on this bridge ? Sure I was regularly slowed down on this bridge, but I didn't know you could actually die here.

Oh, and I forgot how I was stuck in Shrine of Amana. Didn't see the little passage in the boss fight room... so I explored every little corner from this place. A chance I had my trusty dragonrider's bow (and crapload of arrows).

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