Dark Souls 2 Live Stats - Lost Souls, Deaths, Network

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Dark Souls 2 - Official Site Live Stats

I'm not sure how often this page is updated yet. PS3 data looks incorrect, so hopefully a patch can fix this soon. (Unless only three people have really finished the game on PS3, vs 1700 on 360). Actually the data looks completely broken right now as it is reporting 48 billion lost souls on PS3, but only 12 billion on 360. The site also features a network status widget for both platforms with placeholders for the PC version, which does seem to be current as it is reporting tonight's upcoming PS3 server maintenance.

Data tracked includes worldwide deaths, how those deaths occurred, souls lost, percentage of players that are human vs hollow, and more. The images also change quite often, but what the detail in the images represents is unknown. See below for comparison of one section.

edit: Looks like most of the data is inaccurate. 360 total deaths show nearly 3 million, but the breakdown only adds up to around 10% of that figure. I'll check back with it periodically to see if and when it gets updated.

Also, check out the differences in detail. The number of candles on the left hand side of the image also varies drastically between versions, with the PS3 presently having far more.

360 left, PS3 right. The light changed positions several times over the course of a couple minutes.

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Those numbers are way off. The PS3 world counter in the game is almost 4 million deaths. How is the total between the both only 1.3 million? NVM, that cap is just the 360. But how is that possible. How have so many people cleared it on 360 with so little deaths?

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@sterling: Presumably it counts clears for people who already had the game and were 80% of the way through it or whatever; but can't count their deaths prior to that since the servers weren't online.

The number of people who got the game on March 11th and have beaten it so far is probably like 20 or so; but maybe not it's around 50% longer than Dark Souls.

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They said that this feature would be implemented right into the game, instead of having it on a separate website.


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They said that this feature would be implemented right into the game, instead of having it on a separate website.


partily, you can see it in the statue at the cliff in "nexus" village

fun to see it increase 10-20 deaths per secound.....

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What do the candles and lights on the tree represent!?

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A month later, disappeared souls is up to 6 trillion...

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Is disappeared souls how many souls people have lost by losing souls when they die and then dieing again before they get back to them? That's crazy that they're tracking that haha

I wonder what the candles on the tree means, too. There's more on the 360 version then the PS3 version. Weird.

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When will all the live stats be active? Boss Victory and Defeat is grayed out and the entire Multiplayer section still isn't up. Total death count isn't updated when compared to the in game stone pillar.

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@haniball said:

already 1 clear on PC. must be @karkarov :)

Lul not quite yet, working on it though. Stupid job expects me to be there, why I can't just stay at home and play video games I will never know.

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