Does this game get harder?

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Hey all, please no real spoilers, still playing through the game!

Anyways, I was just wondering if DSII gets any more challenging than where I'm at. I've pretty much had little trouble with the game and have been breezing through most areas only dying a handful of times so far. I don't see this as a problem as I spent way too many tough nights beating the first Dark Souls, and a more balanced experience is a nice change of pace. I've been using the Homunculus Mace almost exclusively so far and have upgraded it a lot and can kill most bosses in probably 10-15 hits.

I'm right at the part when you meet that gigantic two-faced spider with all the little spiders with him. Am I only right at the beginning of the game? Does it ramp up or is it basically the same all the way through? Thanks

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If you want to make it harder, you could always join the "Make it Harder" Covenant in Majula. Otherwise no, it doesn't really get significantly tougher.

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I don't really want it to get harder, I actually enjoy that I'm finding it slightly easier...more just pure curiosity.

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@counterclockwork87: Thats pretty subjective where you are in the game as there are multiple paths to take. Most of the difficulty is optional, there is a more difficult coven to join, also NG+ and up has different items, enemies etc, So there is a reason to play through multiple times with enemy difficulty increasing each time.

For the die hard DS2 players there are optional challeneges such as playing through as level 1 Etc, which is what most people do after beating it 1 or 2 times, but for the casual player the game is a little more forgiving, but not any less fun.

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difficulty is a pretty subjective thing. But one thing that may be making things a bit easier for you is the strike weapon.

A strike weapon and some patience go a long way in this game.

That said, wait til you meet the late game mace knights :)

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Are you over leveling?

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I found this game pretty easy until I got to the Smelter Demon can't beat that kid.

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A significant percentage of enemies and bosses are weak to strike damage. I picked up the club from Malentia in the Forest of Fallen Giants and have used that ugly thing more than any other weapon, it simply does more damage than a long sword or axe against most enemies. So if you want to challenge yourself try changing up the mace with a sword or halberd or something.

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There are a few places where the difficulty spikes, and some of the optional stuff can be pretty hard, but for the most part you'll probably be okay.

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It really depends how far you are depending on which area's you visited already. There are multiple paths to take. I've finished the game 6 times. In most of my playthroughs, I do the part where you are at now as late as possible.

No matter what though, even if you already cleared all the other area's, at most you are at 60% of the game. If you still need to clear some then you are obviously less than 50% in.

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I found the game to be a little easier than Dark Souls 1 - after they released the patch that allowed you to turn human after helping someone beat a boss. Before that it was tough managing human effigies but after that I would just help someone with a boss, get the tricks down pat, and then take it on myself.

I thoroughly enjoyed Dark Souls 2 and it was the perfect difficulty for me.

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As others have said there are DEFINITELY parts where the difficulty just gets ridiculous in some spots(to the point where I skipped 2 optional bosses). Whether it's trying to get to a boss or just trying to get through an area there are definitely parts of that game later that are difficult and made me question the developer's decisions for making those levels(without specific details you'll just have to take my word on it). Other than those few spots it isn't super difficult overall (it's hard for most of the game but not throw your controller at a TV hard) on a new game but that doesn't mean it's enjoyable. I finished the game and even after finishing it I wanted to play some more so I started a sorcerer and continued to NG+ on my first character.

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