G2A preorders

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i preorderd the game from g2a some time ago and i still havent gotten the steam key did anyone else preorder the game from g2a, or in fact know if its a trusty webside to buy games ?

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ok thanks checked there twitter and it seems they will be sending the keys soon from what i can tell

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@dolli85: To be fair the game doesn't unlock on steam for another 11 hours so I don't think you need to panic yet. I find it weird how it says the game unlocks on the 24th (today) when it then goes on to say that is in 11 hours, which is basically the 25th here in the UK.

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yeah but steam has started the preload for the game would be nice to have it all ready when the game unlocks

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To be equally fair I already have a steam key from Greenmangaming and they are a third party vendor too.

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Wait.. this isn't a GZA thread? I read it all wrong, backing away.

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From what little I know about using G2A. One streamer I watch has a sponsorship with them, and he's always reminding people to check their e-mail and junk folders for the account as keys are e-mailed from G2A apparently, and not found on your account in site. If you've done this, then disregard. Just thought I'd mention it.

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