Hiding messages?

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Is there any way to hide messages? They are really annoying and kind of ruin the experience for me.

In Dark souls 1 I played offline, but I still want the pvp gameplay, just not the "Praise the sun LOL EPIC MAYMAY" stuff.

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@cybertification: If you're online? Nope. They are part of the package for online play. Also, don't click on them then. That sort of solves that problem all together.

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I like the message stuff, but I get what you're saying. The troll messages are kind of funny I think, but there is too many people trying to be funny with them that it often doesn't work.

I do appreciate how creative some people are with them though. The 'but hole' stuff is only the tip of the iceberg. Some actually make me laugh.

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use magic

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Try two hand and then rear

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The placement of the messages also ruins the fun of exploring.

I did start playing offline though, the game is in my opinion better that way.

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Does the Company of Champions remove messages? Seems like it should.

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