How do you kill the skeletons?

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I remembered that in Dark Souls, you need to either use silver weapons or kill the necromancers, in order to avoid the skeletons from reanimating. Is it the same with Dark Souls 2?

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Necromancers or holy weapons (or whatever they're called in this universe)

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@steadyingmeat: Hmm, so it's very similar to Dark Souls 1. Now I just need to find that kind of weapon.

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Necromancers or holy weapons (or whatever they're called in this universe)

Forgot to say thanks !

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You're welcome!

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I realize this was answered, but are there actually weapons that will stop respawns without killing necros? I tried everything I had and they spawned anyway so just assassinated necros.

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@maginnovision: I don't know about Dark Souls II, but in Dark Souls you could upgrade your weapons through a "divine" upgrade path that scaled your weapons with faith and any skeleton killed with a divine weapon wouldn't reanimate. So there's precedent and if there's a similar upgrade path in DS II I would bet it does the same.

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Yea, I know about DS1, but in DS2 I literally couldn't get them to stop aside from taking them far away and killing them. Magic, light, fire, dark, poison, nothing seemed to affect it.

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I find that the best way to deal with them is go speak to Targray in the Cathedral of Blue and join the Blue Sentinels. He then will sell you Holy Water Urns so stock up on them. Skeletons die very fast to that. Now, the only way to stop them from re-spawning is to kill the Hollow Mage in that area.

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