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It's funny. I think both Demon's and Darks are great games that I enjoy playing. But all I did in both of those games was play the first 25% or so and stop because I hit tough boss or something and lost interest/motivation. Part of that is the save system, I suppose. The way it relates to bosses specifically. I don't like losing on a boss and having to replay a bunch of dreck just to get a second chance at it. I would play both games all the way through if they had some sort of casual player mode with extra save points in exchange for disabled achievements. Or even selectable difficulties would work too. Like, easy=save anywhere, normal=standard formula, hardcore=1 death game over. :D

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@SuperWristBands said:

(also, oh god kinect?)

It'll probably just use kinect for gesture shortcuts, like how the PS3 version uses the sixaxis.

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@sodacat said:

@SuperWristBands said:

(also, oh god kinect?)

It'll probably just use kinect for gesture shortcuts, like how the PS3 version uses the sixaxis.

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Well, shit. I should probably try to finish the first game before this come out. I have to say the trailer did nothing for me, bit the promise of another Souls game is very exciting.

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Wow, that's the best morning i ever had

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Hope a better quality trailer comes up soon cause it looks awesome.

Also I don't really see the problem with some codex as long as it is just as cryptic as the story in Souls games usually are. I could live with it either or but seems nit picky to really have a problem with something like that.

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Holy shit! I just woke up and I wasn't sure if I was dreaming or not. This is the best news I could have gotten on a saturday morning!

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Praise the sun! Going to be a tough wait, but man so hyped. Dark Souls holds a special place in my heart.

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I'd just like to see a revamped HUD. I like that you can disable the huge ostentatious hud in DS except that playing without being able to see your stamina/health is really hard (I mean even harder than usual). A dead space like approach to displaying information would be impressive, but I just want playing the game to feel like watching the trailer, all gorgeous landscape and architecture.

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I'll try to contain my excitement but HOLY MOTHER OF GOD YES.


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I'm disappointed it isn't called "Dead Souls" or something like that.

I really need to play Dark Souls.

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@Ghostiet: Yes! It could be about a prophecy that a serf would overthrow the Russian empire, where you play as a serf and have to defeat a series of increasingly difficult landowners.

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