memory of vammar complete or not?

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I finished memory of jeigh and went next to memory of vammar. At one point there's a dead giant on some stairs and I examined him but then was transported out of the memory. I saw a vammar walkthough and the guy got a giant's soul off the dead giant. I don't remember getting that. I have the Giant Lord soul but don't see the soul I should've gotten from the dead giant.


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Maybe you ran out of time and faded back to drangleic before acquiring the soul. I'd go back in again. Unless of course, you don't plan on killing Vendrick, at which point you don't need any giant's souls.

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so these memories are optional? i don't even know what to do at this point; i got the ashen heart and went to mem of jeigh and the ancient dragon but i wouldn't even have known what to do w/the heart if i hadn't checked the walkthroughs; i love DS, but sometimes you just wander around w/no clue

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Sounds like you should have gotten it. Giant Souls are the very last item in your inventory; not near the other souls. They're yellowish with a black center.

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@laudasolem: There is one with a boss in it and that is not optional. The others are optional.

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i have 2 giant souls; i assume one is the Giant Lord and the other's off the dead one in mem of vammar

where to now?

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@laudasolem: There's 5 giant souls altogether. 3 are from the Giant memories, Vammar, Jeigh and Orro. One from the Ancient Dragon and one from the two/three giant's inside the Black Gulch.

You can now go fight Vendrick or go to Drangleic Castle and see what is behind the King's Door.

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