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Obviously I've heard a lot of what Dark Souls is like and I've finally gotten around to starting with dark souls 2. And as expected I am having a bit of trouble, as a newbie to the dark souls series is there anything anyone can recemond for a first play through like what class would you suggest I start with, should I start with dark souls 1 first? Anything from anyone who has played the game and there suggestions are most welcome, I am really intrigued by the game and want to get through some just not having a lot of luck which is suspected, I think probably there might not be much advise apart from just suck it up and practice lol, look forward to hearing your responses

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The first thing new players need to learn is that Stamina (the green meter) is the most important thing in the game. You need it to run, block, parry, attack, dodge, and cast spells. You can't even drink from your estus flask if you don't have any stamina left. All too often I've seen new players run up to an enemy, draining their stamina in the process, and then try attacking or blocking attacks when they have no stamina left and they just get torn up. Then they complain that the combat is clunky and unresponsive.

Dark Souls is a better game but it's also more difficult early on. The Dark Souls 2 bosses are all slow and easy to dodge.

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There are a few threads like this already, so my first recommendation would be to check the Dark Souls 2 forum.

Since you asked specifically about classes, I recommend the Cleric class. He starts with a pretty good chest piece, a mace, a healing spell and the catalyst to use it. Your first level-up priority in this case should be Strength, because you actually don't start off with enough to effectively wield the mace. The biggest benefit to this class is probably the additional healing options. With Estus Flask (refillable healing item) uses extremely limited in the early game, it's nice to have a way of avoiding using all your Life Gems (non-refillable healing item). The Heal miracle will help with this.

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knight class is the best imo.decently high stats at start,decent armour and weapon at for tips i would say dont rely on one stradegy to beat the whole dont just try to block everything for example.basically try to learn all the mechanics like rolling, blocking ,and parrying and so on.hope you like the game.

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The main thing to do is #1 - Don't worry about your build. One really cool thing Dark Souls 2 has is the ability to reset yourself back to your original level and get all your leveling points back using soul vessels. So feel free to experiment a little bit. Secondly try a little bit of everything. Don't be concerned about being a jack of all trades master of none, it is a perfectly viable way to play and lets you experience a little of all the play styles. Once you find something you like that works for you go ahead and respec with a soul vessel and be more of a specialist/min maxer in your stats.

Also don't be afraid to summon other players. Many of the "pro's" you see are only that good because they already know what is coming and have already beaten the game. There is nothing wrong with bringing help and it can make a really rough patch more manageable.

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There is so much to consider but if you are new and want an easier time i would second the above recommendation for cleric. It starts with a strike weapon and high faith, ie lightning dmg. Those are your primary pve stats. Level up the mace, str and faith for a bit and take it from there.

But most of all, take your time. The game isnt as hard as they say. Any platformer demands much more of you. Take it slow and have fun.

And yea, summon folks. And put your own sign down once you have it. It gives you a chance to learn levels and bosses. Even after you beat them alone..

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Random advice:

It's not as hard as other people or you own instincts might make you think it is. You just need to learn to outmaneuver the bosses and learn the enemies attack patterns and then just hit them once or twice and back off, conserve stamina and watch your health.

Don't worry to much about your build, A jack of all trades build is completely reasonably in any of the souls game when your learning to play, especially in Dark Souls 2 where the skill points give you even less than the other games. Going back to a prior Souls game will probably not help you. You will be in exactly the same situation but with a better wiki / faq if your so inclined to look stuff up.

Call in some phantoms if you need help, there is no shame in it. They are there for that purpose and they want to help you.

The souls games are all devious with traps and cheap enemies, keep your shield up and walk slowly and cautiously. Be ready to dodge backwards or roll away rather than fight, Dark Souls 2 likes to pair its enemies up in little teams. You might only see one knight with a spear, but there could be one with a sword around the corner waiting for his buddy to draw first blood or get you against a wall before showing his face.

The only class advice I have for DS2 is to get an elemental weapon or two (There's a fire sword and a Lightning sword not far from Majula) and upgrade the crap out of them and your intelligence to boost they're damage. I got through most of the game with just that fire sword that was just laying around in a chest before finding a magic mace and destroying everything with it in 3 to 5 hits. You can cheese almost every boss with great Soul Arrows as well, a basic sorcery found early in the game. (The catalyst not so much)

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Do not start as Deprived if you're a newcomer. If you go in blind (like I did) the best you have for the first couple of hours are either your fists or a dagger from the tutorial area. You are literally naked. Make liberal use of summon stones.

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For Dark Souls, but some tips also apply to Dark Souls II.

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If you have both games and since you asked, yes I would recommend starting with Darksouls 1 first.

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People won't agree with me but maybe you should watch a Let's Play video of Dark Souls for the first 2 boss. I tried getting into Dark Souls 1 a long time ago but it wasn't until a few months ago I watched a let's play video until I understood what to do. After understanding what that player did, I played the rest myself and still enjoyed it. The same can be applied to DS2.

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