Not getting Sunlight Medals?

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I'm on my NG+ run and have been trying to get Sunlight medals but have been running into a problem. According to a wiki I read, it says you just need to do co-op while in the Heirs of the Sun covenant or with someone else who is. So far I have not been able to get any medals from summoning non covenant members but if they summon me, I get a medal.

Is this the way it is supposed to work or a glitch? This is really annoying because there is rarely any sunbro signs when I play and I got summoned only once in a 3 hour play session last night. This is the only multiplayer thing I need to get the Platinum trophy and farming Falconers does not seem appealing to me.

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If you summon a non covenant member to help you, and the task is completed, you don't get a sunlight medal

If a non covenant member summons you and you complete the task, you get a sunlight medal

If you summon a sunbro, you get a sunlight medal

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I get summoned within 3 seconds of putting my sign down. Maybe there are less people playing on PS3, but I sort of doubt it would matter that much. Maybe you're not leaving it in the 'right' area's. Near bonfires at the very beginning of an area or near a bonfire before a boss is usually the best bet to get summoned.

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Yeah, you only get a medal if you summon an Heir of the Sun, or are summoned as an Heir of the Sun. Summoning normal guys doesn't get you anything.

If you're doing it for the trophy and not character progress, I strongly suggest starting a new game. If you know what you're doing, which making it to NG+, you do, you can get into the covenant really early and be summoned constantly for the easy, early-game bosses.

Besides that, you may be in the wrong area for your level. Especially in NG+ (on the 360,) I saw the Sun Signs everywhere. I also had no problem getting summoned almost as soon as I put my sign down, but as I leveled over the people in that area, the summoning became far less frequent until I progressed.

I just realized this thread's over a week old, so sorry if you've already did it. =D

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