NPC Interactions or Equipment Upgrades in Beta?

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I'm curious: were there any NPCs to interact with in the beta? Did it let you upgrade your equipment as well? How do NPC dialogue & equipment upgrades work here?

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Dialogue works just as in Dark Souls. You were able to speak with the old shopkeeper woman at the start of the area and with a dwarf guy after the chariot boss that offers you to enter a covenant after you invaded and killed a few people I believe. I killed the guy and got his armor.

No equiment upgrades whatsoever.

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I was hoping you could ask them certain things with keywords. Only being able to hear each piece of dialogue once bugged me in Dark Souls. The limited interactions (occasionally saying Yes/No and outright Killing them) was another issue. It would've been nice if I could pry more into the various NPCs' stories in Dark Souls, or provoke them into attacking me.

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