Pre-made main character = PvP overhaul?

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If Fromsoft does implement pre-made hero/heroine, does this mean pvp would have to be completely changed? Idunno.. But i do know that i like the system already in dark souls and personally don't want to much changed regarding it.

The same man endlessly invading his own world in a different reality, to help or hinder himself in challenges he may or may not have overcome already.

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theres absolutley no reason to think theres going to be a single premade character .. dark souls was demoed with pre-made characters too , as was something like skyrim

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who knows? maybe they will force you to play a main roll. take Gwyn's exiled son for example, as a way of making the story more accessible. Even though i doubt anything like that happening, its still a possibility.

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From Software said last week that the online system will be similar to Dark Souls. I don't think there will be a pre-made character, like you said, it wouldn't make much sense that the same guy is invading and killing 'himself'.

Regarding the firstborn: I think we will be getting more hints to who he might be, but I doubt From Software will ever reveal it. They seem to listen what the community discusses (just look at the turtle guys you can't backstab), and the identity of the firstborn is still a hot topic.

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No because the animations will still be the same regardless of whether or not the game has pre-made or custom characters. The only thing that would change with custom characters is the skin placed over the model.

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How can you tell under the crazy armour? I just hope lag is not an issue again. Can't tell you how many times people who had bad connections where able to get back stabs because of it.

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