Should I buy the Normal (Black Armor) Edition or the Collector's Edition of Dark Souls 2?

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Poll: Should I buy the Normal (Black Armor) Edition or the Collector's Edition of Dark Souls 2? (71 votes)

Black Armor Edition 52%
Collector's Edition 30%
What's Dark Souls and how did i get here? 18%

I've been torn about which one I should pre-order. I love Dark Souls and would gladly fork up the extra money for the collector's edition, but it honestly doesn't seem very worth it for what you get. Interested to know what the community thinks. Link to collector's edition:

The Black Armor edition is just the metal case and the soundtrack.

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The CE doesn't sound that great. I've never been a fan of statues coming with CE's as they are usually of shoddy quality and useless unless you have a bunch of shelf/desk space. Artbooks are just as pointless (to me, at least) and a map could be cool but not for $120.

Personally, I would go with the standard edition. Well, actually, I would prefer a copy in a non-metal case, if the option was there. Not a huge fan of metal cases.

#2 Posted by Fantus1984 (73 posts) -

Well I managed to pre-order the PC version for £20 / $35 cheaper before amazon bumped it up to the correct price. I saw the statue at the expo and it looked pretty alright to be truthful.

It all depends what you want.

#3 Posted by chiablo (1037 posts) -

I've nicknamed all collector's editions "a fool and his money" edition.

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While the map could be much more useful for a game like Dark Souls II than it could for almost any other video game, that seems like a ridiculous amount of money for not a lot of stuff. It seem more like a "Thanks, From Software" than anything else.

#5 Posted by Lego_My_Eggo (1120 posts) -

Ill put it this way, for $60 can buy you a new game that you would probably enjoy far more then a cheap statue, cloth map and small art book.

#6 Posted by FriendlyPhoenix (636 posts) -

Collector's Editions are dumb(coming from someone who has bought an embarrassing amount of them). Put that money towards getting another game(s).

#7 Posted by Fredchuckdave (9252 posts) -

Statue is whatever but cloth map and an art book are both pretty spiffy; most CE's just have garbage in them.

#8 Posted by Karkarov (3387 posts) -

Ill put it this way, for $60 can buy you a new game that you would probably enjoy far more then a cheap statue, cloth map and small art book.

The power of truth. Don't waste your money dude. The cloth map is cool, but the rest of it is just junk.

#9 Posted by Demoskinos (17211 posts) -

Depends on how big a fan you are for me this one is a pass.

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I'm getting the Black Armour edition because it's only $2 more than the base game from where I ordered online. Not sure how much more expensive the Black Armour edition is in the US but if it's more or less the same then just get it. Pay a couple extra bucks for the soundtrack is pretty cool.

#11 Posted by j0lter (311 posts) -

@probablytuna: The black armor edition comes free with a pre-order of the game here in the U.S.

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I love Dark Souls and have both editions pre-ordered but I'll probably just get the Black Armor Edition. I don't think I can justify twice the price for a small statue,map, and art book. I'd probably look at that stuff once and put it in my closet.

#14 Posted by c_rakestraw (925 posts) -

The Black Armor edition's the better deal. Same price as the standard edition, plus you get the soundtrack. Still need to see if I can pre-order that anywhere locally. Would rather be able to pick the game up on day-one than wait for it to arrive via the mail.

#15 Posted by probablytuna (4533 posts) -

@j0lter: That's pretty cool. I'd say just get the Black Armour edition then.

#16 Posted by crusader8463 (14759 posts) -

You are paying $60 for the statue. Do you want it that bad? I have said yes for the life size helmet that came with halo 3, the metal safe box in gta iv, and the big daddy statue that came with bioshock. I have in the last six months grown tired of the halo helmet collecting dust on a shelf and watching me sleep so I threw it out. The big daddy statue was amazing but feel off my desk onto the floor and cracked into tiny bits in the first few days I had it. The only thing that has lasted and still gets used is the metal lock box from gta iv. I still use it to this day as the case to keep all my receipts and tax stuff in.

The moral of the story is that unless you really like the statue don't buy it. Buy another game.

#19 Posted by bybeach (5374 posts) -

I'll never forget when I got the Call of Pripyat CE for 40-45 bucks. It was worth it!

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