Should the Souls be remixed annually?

Posted by MikeLemmer (810 posts) 1 year, 7 months ago

Poll: Should the Souls be remixed annually? (48 votes)

Yes 6%
No 94%

It'll be 2.5 years between the releases of Dark Souls & Dark Souls 2. The fandom has nearly exhausted the secrets & strategies of Dark Souls, and much of Dark Souls 2's appeal comes from awaiting a new, unknown world. But does it have to be completely new? Majora's Mask and Zelda 64: Master Quest got a lot of mileage out of reusing Zelda 64's assets, and I think From Software could do something similar with Dark Souls: release a remixed version before the next true sequel with just enough changes to surprise the fans. They could tweak the attack patterns, the enemy positions, the locations of secrets, the mechanics, even a few things about the locations and story itself, and provide a similar feeling of discovery at the fraction of the time & cost.

Do you think such remixes would strengthen or weaken the Souls brand?

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No, use all available resources on the next game, not on some Street Fighter style update of the old game. Make the sequel as good as possible, and in the meanwhile people can play other games. There's plenty of other games.

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I don't think that is a good idea. Dark Souls for me is two different games. The first months it was about getting to know the game, the lore, the mechanics etc. Since then the focus shifted. Most players know the game and can play with the mechanics, try new (sometimes crazy) builds and set challenges for themselves.

Apart from that I believe From Software has a clear vision of the lore and the story the game presents. And that gets explored until today. Even Demon's Souls is getting explored to this day (just look at the lore discussions on YouTube, recently by AGermanSpy, EpicNameBro and many others). The reason is that the games are full of small details and things to spark discussion.

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please re-read the EA open letter of Apology for NBA Live 14

Let me wrap up with this; for those of you who have supported us throughout this development cycle and continue to have our backs now, thank you. We’ve got a lot of work to do; I’ve got a lot of work to do. It started 12 months ago, and continues until we build this franchise bigger and better than it ever was. This is just the first chapter in the NBA LIVE comeback story.

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You are a FIEND for merely having such thoughts. If ____ Souls can last for so long without battle chests, skin packs, knife skins, armor skins, horse skins, etc. it should have no problems going 3 years with no sequel.

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No, unless you want a shit sandwich with a side of chips. My only qualms with the franchise is that I find the games incredibly difficult, but I respect them because the combat is fun.

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Nooooooooooooooooo. I'm sure a lot of people would get fatigue after just one yearly release. I mean the Souls framework is essentially the same through the three games. I don't see how a yearly cycle would benefit it.

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