So Who Will NG+ Dark Souls 2?

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Posted by Evilsbane (4744 posts) 8 months, 26 days ago

Poll: So Who Will NG+ Dark Souls 2? (148 votes)

Yes 84%
No 16%

Just beat Dark Souls 2 tonight very excited to have smashed my way through this great game, massive hammers and an old friends armor helped me on the way to "I Did It!" and I was curious. Who else will NG+ normally I do not, I got 70 hours out of this game which is well worth it to me, I wanna mess around with PvP a bit more but I wonder how far ill make it into NG+. My feeling is not many, seems like most people never finish games in the first place but with the GB community I may be mistaken.

#51 Edited by Humanity (10117 posts) -

@rand: dear lord.. only a second playthrough and you had .. 99 INT ?

#52 Posted by Fredchuckdave (6158 posts) -

I think the real question is "who will do NG+ without spells" since that seems like it's going to be like 1/5th or less of players.

#53 Posted by MrAbomination (28 posts) -

I had plans to do it with my strength/faith character, but that game ended up with the Drangleic Castle door bug. Might still do it if they patch it soonish, otherwise I'll probably just wait for the PC release.

#54 Posted by mason (265 posts) -

I've finished Dark Souls and Demon's Souls dozens of times using different characters, but I only dabbled with NG+. I just always lost interest in my build before reaching NG++.

Haven't finished DS2, but a couple of things make me want to keep going well into NG+++++++++++++...

  1. The way NG+ introduces changes in loot, enemy placement, phantoms, etc. It could make it feel like a fresh experience, and not just the same game with higher HP+Dmg enemies.
  2. The fact that Soul Vessels exist. I'm not suck playing a sorcerer build in NG+ forever. If I would rather try a halberd wielding quality build, I don't have to roll a new character from the start. It's totally viable in NG+ just by rearranging my stats.
#55 Posted by Vrikk (953 posts) -

I will. This game has hooked me for the first time in a long time. In addition, it'll be the first game I've ever done NG+ for.

#56 Posted by Rand (52 posts) -

@humanity: hehe yep my stats by the end of my first playthrough was 70 int, 18 in str and dex to use the moonlight greatsword 40 in attunement for spells and cast speed the rest was balance in vigor and endurance. did not put anything in vitality or adapability because i could fast roll in robes with my staff, moonlight greatsword and drangleic shield. and nothing in faith ofc because im using sorceries only:P

was about level 170 ish by the end and when i got to ng+ i did use a soul vesel to get my int to 99 while lowering other stats:P

#57 Edited by weegieanawrench (1943 posts) -

I still have to get through the game the first time. But I'm definitely going to go through it one more time on the PS3, and at least 2 more times on PC.

#58 Posted by brandon_9618 (1 posts) -

I'm on the fourth NG+ and man I think I may need to be admitted to an insane asylum because I don't know why I keep crawling back

#59 Posted by SethPhotopoulos (5404 posts) -

I always considered the Souls games as something to beat to say you beat it.

#60 Posted by dudeglove (8300 posts) -
#61 Posted by Zevvion (2382 posts) -

@dudeglove: I'm having more fun with the game on 360. Community is a lot better.

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