The Song in the Announcement Trailer

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I actually would love to know as well. It was a really good song that fit the trailer really well in my opinion.

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@ShiftyMagician: I've never heard anything quite like it...hopefully there is more of it out there.
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I tried to use Shazam but to no avail. Maybe periodically checking the youtube comments might come up with the answer.

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@FritzDude: Oh, thanks man! Now I'm kinda disappointed (because I was hoping for more). ;)
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I do like it but I don't think it fits Dark Souls. Anyways, it's just a song from a CG trailer so I won't discuss it further.

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@Deusx said:

I do like it but I don't think it fits Dark Souls.

I think it's the perfect fit for a Souls game. For me it's basically a song that gives me the exact same feeling that I have when I play Dark Souls...I would kill (not really) for a soundtrack with similar songs. Let me rephrase that, I would DIE more happily, playing Dark Souls 2, when the game had a soundtrack with similar songs. :)
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I do think it fits perfectly. Fortunately I found it. It's 'Undone', from Nitzer Ebb

I followed the link to Mikołaj Stroiński page, and I found his music is also awesome. Sure I will listen all tracks, but.. not this time :D

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