This game revealed some serious Dual Shock 4 Flaws

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So I started playing this with the Dual Shock 4, and after a few hours (I've since beaten the game), I was noticing the R1 and L1 buttons were sticking on both of my DS4's maybe 1 out of 20 times, and preventing me from doing exactly what I want to do. I ended up going back to the squishy sticks of the Dual Shock 3 because the R1 and L2 buttons were more responsive there.

Anyone else find this problem? If so, who thinks there might be some sort of new version or recognition of this once some more games that require exact, accurate controls and people start experiencing sticking issues?

Such a bummer since the rest of the controller feels so much better.

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mine started sticking too. I'm going to take it apart and see if it's a fit issue with the plastic parts. Yeah, a bummer for sure. I love everything else about the controller.

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Those first SixAxis controllers were so bad. Like holy shit. The SixAxis got better even before the DualShock 3s came out.

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Haven't had any issue with the controllers which I use on the ps4, ps3, PC all the time. Hope I don't have an issues with mine, really like the controller, so damn comfortable.

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Its kind of a known thing. People blame it on there being a bit too much grease in those slide sections and it drying up and making it crusty.

You can take it apart and attempt to clean it which may help a little but I think its more an inherent design flaw of the mechanicals of how the button moves and the amount of "play" or looseness in the button movement.

I was also having issues with my L2 button getting stuck because I was pushing on it a certain way that it didn't seem to like while playing AC4. I took it apart and I think flipped the tension spring around and it kinda solved it. But again I have the same feelings as above.

Another issue I have, which is probably just personal preference, is I find the DS4 sticks way too slippery even after 15 mins of gameplay from sweaty fingers. Also due to the fact that the stick is a mix of flat surface and concave whereas the DS3 sticks had a convex design. I think the DS4 stick surface works better if you tend to use the big flat surface of your thumb across the whole stick, but I noticed I tend to use more of a thumb tip angel. The tip of my thumb is usually at the center of the stick and my thumb joint is sort of arched. I wish I could draw up fancy side by side examples lol. Result of all this is that I find my thumbs slipping around a lot, readjusting my thumb placement, and constantly have to wipe the sweaty oils off the stick. And yes I've done the whole "wash your hands you dirty bum" bs. I never had this much of a problem on any of the previous Dual Shocks, even with dirty hands.

I ended up brainstorming possible solutions to this a few days ago. I saw they sell "grips" for them but I want something that is sturdy and more OEM appearance. I want full on replacement sticks. I saw someone modified some DS3 sticks to fit into the DS4 but it leaves some gaping holes at full tilt and after taking both controllers apart and thinking about it, I decided not to go that route.

In the end I ordered a couple sets of DS4 sticks, a set of DS3 sticks, some Plasti Dip, and some Loctite plastic epoxy stuff. One of the things I hope to try is taking the DS4 sticks, removing the original rubber, applying and molding the epoxy to give it a convex shape similar to the DS3 sticks, then primer and Plasti Dip the top of the sticks. Hopefully it works. Alternative back up plan is to carefully cut the tops off two sets of sticks and precisely glue the DS3 tops onto some DS4 bases. Think I might take some pictures as I go along and if it works for me then perhaps it might help other people. Wish I had a 3D printer as that would probably make this thing much more legit.

I really like most of the improvements of the DS4, especially the textured surface. But I've had more weird problems with this thing than any other DS I've ever used over the past 15 years or whatever.

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I had this issue with the DS4 as well, but it is an incredibly easy fix. All you do is snap the R1 off with a butter knife, blow inside of it, take a Q-tip and some rubbing alcohol, and rub some of it inside and around the cylinder areas. L1 & R1 are only buttons on the controller that can be taken apart without unscrewing everything; it's almost like they knew.

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