What would you title your end-game character build?

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#1 Posted by Mezmero (2358 posts) -

I've just about wrapped up my first play through but I've been thinking more on everybody's role playing experience as far as character building goes. Let's try something a litte different, Name your character class with 1 to 3 words. Use appropriate adjectives, attributes, and proper nouns of traditional RPG class and prestige class archtypes to properly convey your end-game build or just your build in general.

For example if I'm trying to convey my main build of crazy high ATT, INT, and FTH who can cast huge variety of spells for a given situation. However even with that broad knowledge of magic at my disposal I used hexes for most of the game as it tends to dominate most enemies and bosses. I don't even use melee any more and just wear caster-based cloth armor.

So I'm sort of like a Shadow Sage or something. I thought about going with Dark Sage but that sounds a little racist.

  • Dominates with fast casting Hexes
  • Has full spell knowledge and abilities

Another example? How bout Vinny's build in the last Dark Souls 2 video as a dude in big armor with a huge shield but who also uses poison to stink up the place. Maybe like some sort of Flatulent Centurion?

  • Big armor, big shield, focus on frontal attacks
  • Emits poisonous gas, gross...

It's just basic word association. Not a lot of confidence in people rolling with this concept but what I hell I was bored. I'm sure people have multiple answers if they split focus on PVP and PVE.

#2 Posted by Gatehouse (842 posts) -

I'm not quite at the end of my play through, but I’d entitle my class as an ‘Enlightened Nobleman’.

  • Highly proficient with sword, shield and bow while wearing mostly decorative shiny armour.
  • Has knowledge of spells and the intelligence to use them well.

Next time though I think I'm going for a ‘Devout Legionnaire’ i.e a faith and dex character.

#3 Posted by JackSukeru (6105 posts) -

"Scrappy Wizard Swordsman".

While I wield a staff and wear a sorcerer's (technically hexer's) raggy hood and cloak, the metal leggings of the Dark set and the Magic Katana at my side gives my character a bit of an unusual bend. While not armored like a "knight" or skilled enough with a blade to use the term "master", my gal does a bit of everything to get by.

#4 Edited by pyrodactyl (2713 posts) -

I finished the game as a corrupt templar:

  • He gave up his cleric robes for the scarlet armor of a fallen warrior and the mask of a sinner
  • He then replaced his trusty mace with crude and massive weapons like the gyrm axe and the great club
  • Using his powerful lighning he rose through the ranks of the dragon disciples and the sons of the sun, playing both sides to attain greater power
  • His quest will only be complete when he gets the legendary sunlight spear

Next time I'm shooting for 'the heir of the pale drake'. An unstoppable magic user wielding the weapon of the legendary pale beast

#5 Edited by The_Ruiner (1337 posts) -

Same build for both DS 1 and 2. "Cursed Huntsman"

  • Equal Dex and STR
  • Long Sword and Longbow/Greatbow
  • Light body armor with Heavy arm and leg armor
  • Soooo many arrows...

#6 Posted by mosespippy (4746 posts) -

Originally I was just a Halberd Knight. I had knight armour and only used a halberd. Now I don't know what I am. I've gotten heavier gloves and leggings, but you can't see them because I'm wearing a dress. I also started using a bow and a poison imbued spotted whip. I raised my int and faith to 30 mainly for the fire scaling and elemental defense but maybe I should add an atunment slot at some point.

#7 Edited by Sterling (3238 posts) -

First character I would call a Dark Paladin.

  • Started as a Knight with high STR (40) and mid dex (26)
  • Then upped Faith and ATT to 40 each
  • Then started using dark hexes to compliment the lightning

My second character I would call a Black Witch.

  • She started off as a pure sorceress, spells only.
  • Then added pyromancy
  • Then added hexes
  • Then added miracles.
  • A mage of all trades, and since its a woman, I'll call her a Witch instead of a Wizard.
  • Also wearing the Black Witch clothing, including the hat, and using the black witch staff.
#8 Posted by fatalbanana (244 posts) -

My main class I like to call Shia LaBeouf.

  • Jack of all trades class
  • Uses both medium and small armor
  • Makes bad movies
  • Whenever I die I yell "Optimus!"
#9 Posted by Patman99 (1636 posts) -

"The 2x4 Knight"

High STR, END, and VIT complete with the biggest stick you can find. Currently using an upgraded "club" which has been surprisingly effective. While there are other weapons that do more damage per hit, I can get more hits in with my club. It's a pure melee class which makes some battles "interesting" but I am already too far down this rabbit hole to turn back now.

I think I will be ready to move on to a more magic-based character after I am done with this play through.

#10 Edited by JammyMan (24 posts) -

Not near the end yet but I'm going with Dangerous Idiot.

  • Points spread through strength, dexterity, vigour, endurance and vitality with almost no intelligence, faith or attunement .
  • Will repeatedly run head first into danger with no thoughts for personal safety.
  • Someone gave him something big and sharp early on which he likes jabbing into anything he can find.
#11 Edited by Vrikk (1095 posts) -

Lightning paladin. He's all Lightning Spear, Lightning Mace +9, and full armor. Bad ass dude. He's 40 in both Strength and Faith, with about 25 in Vit, End.

#12 Posted by Mezmero (2358 posts) -

@gatehouse: Good one. I can tell by his choice of equipment that he was descended from nobility. No doubt his aptitude in various skills comes from having a wealthy background before being cursed.

@jacksukeru: I thought about becoming a spellsword but I never ventured passed anything greater than a shortsword and it took me to the end of the game. Wizards with sweet looking blades look like they're having fun.

@pyrodactyl: I really like how you tied in your experience with covenants. My dude was a bell guard and left the belfries to go on a pilgrimage to conquer the Abyss. He came back changed...into something darker. After desperately embracing the light to conquer darker evils he sought redemption with the Heirs of the Sun.

@the_ruiner: Aren't we all technically cursed? I guess your character's special curse is the burden of neverending arrows.

@mosespippy: Your character sounds like someone who would capture and kill wild beasts. Almost like some kind of Beast Exterminator.

@sterling: Nice, I didn't consider that there would be a potential build for a Blackguard type character. You can't go wrong with magic in DS2.

@fatalbanana: His equip load doesn't seem big enough to not fat roll in medium armor.

@patman99: Lol. Hacksaw Jim Duggan would approve.

@jammyman: Be wary of Leeroy Jenkins, in short visions of death.

@vrikk: Aw yeah that sounds badass! I've got two words for ya: For Glinishmore!

Very happy to see people roll with this bit of nonsense. And of course some funny ones too as expected of the Bomb.

#13 Posted by pyrodactyl (2713 posts) -

@mezmero: Forgot to include the pilgrim of the dark part. My dude definitely joined them to test his might but the dark lurker was no match for his lightning miracles.

#14 Edited by Fredchuckdave (7140 posts) -

#1 Clubbin

#2 Solairin

#3 Fuck Lighting Bonfires

#4/5 Murder Lucatiel and Fuck dying

#15 Posted by obcdexter (723 posts) -

1. Swiss-Army Knifenstein
2. Strongman McLow'level
3. "Magic" Debbie Imballerina

#16 Posted by Myrmicus (233 posts) -

Sappho "the Venomous Shadow"

- Started as a dex/str build (while discovering this new land), wearing her old starting rags.
- Reshaped herself as a pure dexterity, dual wielding blacksteel katana, wearing some black leather attire.
- Started to learn pyromancy (with toxic mist being her favorite).
- Started to learn Hexes (with black mist replacing the toxic mist), slowly replacing her old pyromancies tricks, while wearing the Llewynthing clothes.
- Shaped some whips from the souls of singing demons, envenoming the already poisonous weapongs.
- Replaced her blacksteel katanas for some Dark and Fire infused darkrift katanas.
- No shields from the very beginning.

The idea behind the character is that of a deprived that learned to fight on the field (str/dex being the most obvious stats for weapon to begin with). Having no home, being forced to hide frome those who couldn't stand misery, she was naturally quite agile. But the Flame warmed her soul. She then studied it, mastered it, her memories of the cold nights making her all the more craving about it. She knew about disease, she knew it could weaken and kill, so she learned how to use it against her opponents. Then, she felt the tranquil peace of the Dark and started to give in... becoming all the more deadly.

#17 Posted by AdequatelyPrepared (977 posts) -

"The Almost-Defenceless Idiot Hoarder"

-Prisoner Rags (Head)
-Prisoner Tatters (Body)
-Jester Gloves (Arms)
-Tseldora Trousers (Legs)
-Weapon is either my Drangleic Sword+5 or Greatsword+10
-Shield is Havel's Greatshield

Basically all of my armour exists to get me more souls and/or item drops. To say that I depend on the shield to live is an understatement. Went back to Drangleic recently because I find that the moveset makes it way easier to get hits in, especially on certain bosses, than Greatsword.
STR and VIT are my highest stats, at 45 and 49 respectively, DEX is getting up there, considering bringing my FTH and INT up to 10 each if only for the Black Knight Greataxe.

#18 Posted by sdharrison (519 posts) -

The Storm Zealot: 65 faith, 1 int and lightening everything.

#19 Edited by MasterRain (334 posts) -

Battlemage, kicked out from the Melfian Magic Academy!

Basically I'm a standard fighter, using magic Varangian sword +10 with the lightest 100% shield, keeping below 70% so I can roll. All Drangleic armor w/ lost sinners mask. I also use great magic weapon and great heavy soul arrow to supplement.

It says in the magic weapon description that its looked down upon as barbaric by other mages, so I guess my character is a outcast mage :D

#20 Posted by benspyda (2112 posts) -

Zeus, because I've committed to just throwing lightning at everything in NG+.

My character is pretty much my original str build from lvl 100, but now lvl 180 using those extra levels to level up faith. I have Havel's Greatshield to withstand just about anything and then I just use lightning spear which destroys everything. I use the Persuer's Greatsword as a fall back, but as I get more and more casts I'm using it less and less.

I feel I may have broken the game because I have super high defence and powerful magic, plus fast roll. I got summoned once and the two other people were doing the exact same thing. A bunch of havel's with lightning spear. It felt like "Newb" Game plus ha ha.

#21 Edited by Mezmero (2358 posts) -

@fredchuckdave: These are all verbs ya big silly!

@obcdexter: These sound like nicknames for Space Mutiny characters.

@myrmicus: I dig these prestige class names with a built in narrative. I would not want to show my back to this ninja born of flame and shadow. I can sympathize with her story since my guy has embraced the dark.

@adequatelyprepared: That's one greedy dude. Scavenging and hoarding like some sort of homeless person. I don't know, if he's just beating dudes up to get all their stuff he sounds like a straight up Highwayman. lol

@sdharrison: A zealot with 1 Int, that's just too perfect

@masterrain: A mage who just loves to hit things, I'm down with this.

@benspyda: If only there was a classy toga that builds like this could wear.

Edit: Sorry if you guys get double notifications. The site seems to have trashed user links when I edit typos from my phone.

#22 Edited by Karkarov (3781 posts) -

Mine would be.... "The Mastodon TM All Rights Reserved"

It is named after his massive sword.... hehehehe, get it "sword".... No not feeling it? Fine whatever.

Build is 30 Vigor/End/Vit/Adaptability, 20 Dex (not 1 point more), and 50+ strength. No spells, at all. Weapon wise I used a Varangian Sword, the Hiede Knight Sword, Dragonrider bow, Defenders shield, and of course the titular Mastodon Greatsword. Armor wise wear whatever the highest defense set you can get while using the listed weapons without going over 70% and without using an equip weight ring.

#23 Posted by Zevvion (2999 posts) -

This is great, I actually name my characters before hand. I know I'm going to have multiple and so I can keep track of who can do what.

My first character I called a Trickster Warrior. He has high DEX, FTH and relatively also ADP. In the end, he was dual wielding Blacksteel Katana's in power stance (one lightning infused, one fire), I had the boss bow of Nashandra that has some type of overcharge, and I also had a chime and usually the spells of Great Heal, Replenishment, Emit Force, Great Lightning Spear and Sunlight Blade.

My second character I call Inferno Knight. As expected, it's a Knight with a greatsword (currently Bastard Sword I believe) and pyromancy flame. High strength. I use several pyromancies for him, haven't settled on any standards though.

I'm also going to make a Slayer Knight, which will obviously wield an ultra greatsword, but I'm also playing around with the idea of having him also wield a Great Bow. He will have a caestus in his off hand probably.

Also going to create an Eclipse Warrior. It will be a dual wielder who will also cast Hexes. Not sure of weapon types yet. I'm thinking maybe claws if I end up going DEX or if I'm going STR then maybe just Broadswords or whatever else.

I'm also going to create a High Vanguard. Which will be a dude who casts many sorceries, but will also be good with melee weapons. I'm going for Blue Flame swords with him.

Lastly, I'm also going to create several role playing characters. For instance, I already like the idea of creating Smelter Demon character, with Smelter Demon armor and a flame sword.

#24 Edited by Mezmero (2358 posts) -

@karkarov: All of that armor and weapons. I'd probably call that some kind of Arsenal Knight.

@zevvion: Now you're playing with power. Pretty clever to name your classes ahead of time so you know what kind of build you're striving for.

Given the fact that I've been attuning Great Lightning Spears (since I have spell slots to spare) and that I've gravitated more to the Heirs of the Sun Covenant in my NG+, I've thought about updating my title to 'Dark Sun Sage' or perhaps 'Black Star Sage'. Has a nice ring to it. True mastery over the Dark means also mastering its counterpart, Light.

#26 Edited by BambamCZ (152 posts) -

Battle Mage - heavy armour, greatshield, ultra greatsword and miracles\hexes\spells for utility.

#27 Posted by csl316 (10874 posts) -

Reckless Revengeancer

Ninja run in with a two-handed sword and roll like a madman.

#28 Edited by Seppli (11233 posts) -
  • The first one was The Immovable Object (Heavy Armor and Greatshield)
  • The second one was The Archmage (Mage Robes and Sorcery, Hexes, Micracles)
  • The third one was The Sword Saint (Medium Armor, Miracles, Dualwielding Magically Imbued Swords)

If I do a forth playthrough, that'll be a straight-up The Havel run. Full Havel Armor, Shield & Dragon Tooth. I managed to max out a full set of armor (Llevellyn Set & Penal Mask - so sexy) on my third playthrough Twinkling Titanite-wise, plus get a weapon to +4 - so Havel's Set & Dragon Tooth should be doable. It's what I'd like to use for NG+ too.

#29 Posted by Fredchuckdave (7140 posts) -

@karkarov: Mastodon armor looks pretty neat too.

#30 Edited by Vinny_Says (5911 posts) -

"Naked guy with a shield and fire sword"

Seriously if I'm not jumping around their attacks I'm just blocking everything. I just don't see the point of having any armor. It's way more thrilling to be naked, always being one hit away from death...

#31 Posted by SunBroZak (1747 posts) -

Jester Thomas.

#32 Posted by Gruebacca (667 posts) -

"Fleet Neck Slasher"

  • Alva Armor+10 and Leggings+7.
  • Vengarl Head+4 and Gloves+1.
  • Scimitar+10 and Falchion+10 in power stance for quick-and-easy neck slashing.
  • Black Knight Halberd+5 for something that damages high relatively quickly.
  • Sorcerer's Wand+10. Magic is dedicated towards Magic Weapon, Soul Arrow, and Great Heavy Soul Arrow.
  • Pyromancy+10 for Firestorm because Firestorm is fucking awesome.
  • Hunter's Blackbow+7 in case something annoys me too much to bother running up to it. (Made the Shrine of Amana level painless.)

Most stats were leveled up to around the 20 range. Dexterity, Vitality, and Endurance received most of my attention. Did not use a shield too much; only used it on one boss or two. By the end of the game, I mainly used rings that decreased my equip load so that I could roll much easier and have my stamina charge faster, allowing me to move and attack quickly.

#33 Posted by DeepSpace9MM (150 posts) -

"The ADHD" Because every 10 hours or so I decided to change what I wanted to focus on when building my character. By the end of the game, all my stats were at least in the 20's except for faith.

#34 Posted by c_rakestraw (922 posts) -

I don't know. Average Swordsman, I guess? I didn't do anything of note with my first character. Just used the same build I usually default to: a Longsword, a good shield (the Watchdragon Parma, specifically; nice balance of physical, magic, and elemental defense on it), a bow, and a decent medium armor set so I can still be mobile while still carrying some poise (the Royal Soldier set in my case, though I've since started moving to the Faraam set in new game plus).

#35 Edited by Mezmero (2358 posts) -

@bambamcz: Very classy. Would you say you use hexes and miracles more than sorcery? If so you might be more of a Battle Priest.

@csl316: Only thing that could make this class better: nanomachines son. I'd love to be able to zandatsu some of these damn bosses.

@seppli: Nice ones. I never consider Archmages using divine spells in typical RPG settings but it's cool nonetheless.

@sunbrozak: I'm pretty sure we have a thread for your favorite NPCs.

@gruebacca: You've inspired me to protect my neck. Maybe your character was an executioner in a past life. Sounds like a pretty catchy name for a prestige class.

@deepspace9mm: An even balance across the board on stats eh? Sort of a Soul Savant? Not sure there's a good archetype to describe it other than like a Red Mage from Final Fantasy.

@c_rakestraw: An oldy but goody. Can't go wrong with your classic sword, shield, and bow combo. Nothing wrong with being mundane in this game. Hell they named a whole weapon infusion category after mundane. Maybe you could go with Nostalgia Soldier or King's Guard. Perhaps you found a particularly effective combat tactic to better fit your title.

@vinny_says: Aww but some of the armor is so badass, that's more than enough reason to wear some of them. Some of us just expect to take a hit once in a while and we're usually right. A naked dude with a flaming sword is typically regarded as an arsonist. I'd call it a guy who turns monsters into food. Berserk Butcher is what I would title that. Gotta love some alliteration.

#36 Posted by MrAbomination (45 posts) -

Wrecking ball. No spells whatsoever, just big fuck off two-handers. Mainly using a tree branch and destroying folks with the whirlywhirly attack.

#37 Posted by afabs515 (1441 posts) -

Vinny 2.0 because I was rocking Havel's and a greatsword/greatshield. What else needs to be said?

#38 Posted by darkendskys (39 posts) -

The juicer.

Running a light weight str build with the chariot lance. And this thing looks like a juicer from hell. On steroids. And its acting like it.

With the crest of blood im putting out 195bleed, anybody that gets hit with my r2 is taking bleed from this. Its just lovely

But for a proper DnD/rpg sounding name I think that Blood Disciple has a better ring to it.

#39 Edited by Talon64 (216 posts) -

The Cowardly Strongman.

High strength, dexterity and endurance to use the tankiest weapons and armor; by the time I left the first playthrough I was rocking a fully upgraded mastodon halberd, grym shield and nearly fully upgraded smelter demon set at <70% equip load.

Buuuuuuut half the time I just plunked at enemies with a bow, by the end of the game the dragonrider bow. Fully upgraded and rocking magic, lightning and dark arrows to cheaply take out enemies at range with authority!

#40 Posted by HaniBall (361 posts) -

Not near the endgame yet (no time, sigh) but mine would be the "clobbering clown" wearing the harlequin's mask and power stancing dual maces.

#41 Posted by Do_The_Manta_Ray (907 posts) -

Some great titles in here, though I feel that we ought to include the names for our characters as well. What good is a title on it's own?

So far, I've got one real "late-game" character, having finished NG + and reinforced ALL equipment to their respective max level.

"Sevetar, Berserker of the False Flame"

Very high Dex, 50, with a Str of 45 that he might dual wield Curved Dragon Greatswords for when one just doesn't cut it. Usually he'll wield just the one along with the King's Shield, enchanting the sword with flame. Highly mobile with his equipload beneath 70 % and an ADP of 38, despite the heavy armour he wears ,a mix of Alonne Captain and Alonne Knight, with the Smelter Demon helm to complete the set. Will on occasion use a bow, but mainly relies on his large sword(s), as well as a plethora of pyromancy. A dedicated member of the brotherhood of blood, and is near undefeated in the arena as well as on the field.

#42 Posted by TheLastGunslinger (379 posts) -

Gavlan's BFF

I'm a giant tank that wears the same armor as Galvan. We are bros. Don't be jealous.

#43 Posted by Mezmero (2358 posts) -

@mrabomination: Nice, I would avoid that spin like I would helicopter blades. Maybe you could add a mobility modifier to the title to portray just how dangerous your offense can be. Like either a Heavy or Nimble Wrecker base on your armor type..

@afabs515: There's only one Vinny and the closest thing to the next version is called a Maximilliano.

@darkendskys: Started funny and ended badass. I'd be down to try a bleed centric character at some point after reading this.

@talon64:Aww don't fret Cowardly Strongman. I hear the King of Drangleic can give you courage. Follow the bonfire road!

@haniball: Imagine if there was an actual juggling animation for two maces. Then you could be a Juggling Jester.

@do_the_manta_ray: Meh I'm more interested in the actual build classifications themselves than character names but I don't mind seeing a full character title. You only see user names of other players online. Anyways this is a really cool one. All of these fire weaponed berserker builds seem to be pretty freaking strong..

@thelastgunslinger: You're damn right I'm jealous. A shame Estus is supposedly non-alcoholic. I'd totally play a Super Gavlan Bros game. I can guess which one of you wheels and which one deals.

#44 Posted by thatpinguino (1900 posts) -

"Run Quickly and Carry a Big Stick"


-Level 74 strength with vitality in the high 30s, endurance and adaptability in the mid 20s, dex in the high teens.

-Everything else at level 6

-Only use a +10 great club, a +10 club and an occasional short bow when necessary

-All two handed all the time

-No blocking

#45 Posted by darkendskys (39 posts) -

@mezmero: if you do it, then know that lacerating knives are your friends. So many times will somebody roll away only taking a couple hits, thinking they are safe, only to get hit with a knife a losing 200hp from it. Lol

#47 Posted by HaniBall (361 posts) -

@mezmero: dammit I insist we submit a formal change request to from to include juggling as a formal taunt animation!

#48 Posted by Mezmero (2358 posts) -
#49 Posted by mlarrabee (3221 posts) -

Midlife Crisis Magician.

I played through the entire game as a Quality greatsword-and-ultra-greatswordsman, but then I switched to a- well, not quite a glass cannon. Maybe a tin cannon. And gee wiz, is magic overpowered!

#50 Posted by BambamCZ (152 posts) -

@mezmero: I think I use the magic pretty evenly. I switch out miracles for spells and vice versa, depending on the area and the utility of the magics within that area. The only constant is great resonant soul, which I call "Boss Buster".

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