What would you title your end-game character build?

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#51 Posted by Mezmero (2553 posts) -

@mlarrabee: For some reason I imagine not many of the stats making it passed 30 or 40. lol That's probably the case for most people's first builds. Speaking as someone who only uses staffs and chimes, magic is crazy good.

#52 Posted by mlarrabee (3423 posts) -

@mezmero: INT is 56, FTH is in the low-to-mid forties. Watching my Soul Spear do 780 damage (1300 for a critical hit) is nice. Or, since they're patching it, was nice.

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Good Enough

#54 Edited by HH (910 posts) -

a sorceror that looks like a greco-roman, wields fire and lightning, didn't the greeks call an agent of the gods an 'oracle'?

and a bandit that dual wields axes, uses a bow, runs around a lot, a 'skirmisher' maybe?

#55 Posted by Seppli (11233 posts) -

I'm on my final playthrough, that will precede my NG+. Fellow sports the full Havel Set +5, and either the Havel Shield & Lightning Dragon's Tooth +5, or dualwielding two Lightning Greatswords +10.

Dualwielding Greatswords is the most awesome thing ever, especially when wearing full Havel +5. It takes 66 VIT and both rings to pull it off with 70% load, and having a chime and bow equipped - but damn if it isn't worth it.

My dude can pretty much take anything that foes dish out without staggering or taking too much damage, whilst he totally will stagger pretty much anything, and dish out lethal amounts of damage quickly.

I'd say, this endgame build is Havel the Rock on PCP. It's like soulslevel 210 or something, with 50 STR, 25 DEX, 50 FTH... the lightning imbued stuff really packs a killer punch.

#56 Posted by benspyda (2128 posts) -

The Shocking Hexer

My latest is an all magic all the time build. No melee weapons just a shield that boosts stamina recovery (Blossom Kite Shield) and a Dark Sunset Staff +5, Lightning Dragon Chime +4 and Chime of Want +5. I use Dark Orb to take down standard enemies because it casts real fast with my Lion Mage outfit equipped and does great damage. Then for boss fights my Great Lightning Spear + Lightning Dragon Chime and Great Resonant Soul + Chime of Want.

I have a +10 pyromancer glove but rarely use pyromancy. I would like to get my Staff of Wisdom to +5 and use some powerful sorceries as well. I'm currently at about 45 INT 50 FTH.

#57 Edited by Myrmicus (233 posts) -

Valendra "the Divine Fist"

It's a pure dex/str build, with no faith, no intelligence, no memory. Why "Divine Fist" then ? It's summed in three rings : Company of Champion's ring, and the two "invisibility rings". The character is wreaking havoc with her bare fists, but if the need arise, she can swap with a Demon Great Hammer or an avelyn. The two invisibility rings means my weapons are invisible, so it still looks like I'm using my fist to throw bolts, that I punch the air to create a huge shockwave; It's ton of fun in PvP, since after a few punch, the opponent never see the hammer's blow comming.

Gave her the Lion Warrior set to make her more feral and you have a beast tearing her opponents with her bare hands.

#58 Posted by Mezmero (2553 posts) -

@hh: Really good ones. Now we're getting back into some classic RPG territory.

@seppli: Hell yeah. I like reading other titles for these prestige tank builds. It makes sense that players want to emulate these legendary warriors within the fiction and sort of re tell their tale of their journey to the top. They put their equipment in the game so why not use it right? Havel has always struck me as a Fearless Centurion.

@benspyda: Nice. I have almost the exact same spell and equipment loadout only I can't in good conscience wear that full Lion Mage set as it looks hideous. I have the bracers upgraded but other than that I've been sporting the full Chaos Mage set +5 of course. Much classier and better resistance doesn't hurt.

@myrmicus: This sounds totally awesome. Shooting seemingly invisible projectiles from your fists like some sort of wave motion fist sounds like a pretty satisfying power trip. Fistsssssss.

#59 Edited by kerse (2226 posts) -

Raiden with a zweihander.

#60 Posted by Myrmicus (233 posts) -

My last build Sonya "the Jester"

Obviously wearing the full jester set, she is a mundane build, her primary weapon is the handmaiden ladle, her secondary weapon the Santier Spear (just to scare the crap out of PvPers who thinks her harmless). She has a mundane dagger too, to pack up unsuspected damages.

#61 Posted by Zevvion (3150 posts) -

My new one on PC I call BrutalWarrior.

My reasoning being that in my world a Warrior is a DEX focused melee character (whereas a Knight is STR based) and the Brutal part refers to him dual wielding bleeding weapons at some point.

I'm actually recording a Let's Play of this playthrough. Am I... allowed to post a link here or?

#62 Edited by Myrmicus (233 posts) -

Bella "the Dominatrix"

She fights with whips. Only whips... while wearing the Desert Witch's set.

#63 Edited by Capum15 (5346 posts) -

Major Alex Louis Armstrong: The Strongarm Alchemist!

Punches dudes with dual Caestus (soon to be two sets, one lightning infused), has magic (lightning, fire).

50 Atn, 55 Faith. Str/Dex at 20. Been putting points into End/Int alternately because I don't really have much of a target for stats anymore.

Two screens:

#64 Posted by Dragon4234 (139 posts) -

My character ended up pretty suited to do a roleplay of Velstadt, The Royal Aegis. Though the closest I think you can get to his buff would be like Resonance Weapon and maybe Numbness.

#65 Posted by wolf_blitzer85 (5314 posts) -

L1 to win.

Power stancing Caesti(?) sure has been an interesting play so far, especially after playing my last class of "Havel and Take it".

#66 Edited by DazzleCrotch (2 posts) -

Vbomb; all strengh, can take a beating, minimum intelligence.

#67 Posted by TobbRobb (5406 posts) -

Tower Knight :3

#68 Posted by Mezmero (2553 posts) -

@kerse: Raiden from MK or MGS? Either way he must move like grease lightning.

@zevvion: Sounds metal as hell. This thread is more of a writing and roleplay exercise than a gameplay showcase.

@myrmicus: Cool to hear even more sadistic builds.

@capum15: Pretty awesome. I imagine a lot of FMA characters could be made into character builds.

@dragon4234: Nice. With me he usually never lives long enough to do whatever it is that buff does.

@wolf_blitzer85: I see so many Havel centric titles! I'm your host: Havel Lottaluv.

@dazzlecrotch: Is he also deathly afraid of spiders? Duke Dear Freja must have been a real nightmare.

@tobbrobb: Solid title. Pun intended.

Well I got a platinum trophy with my Dark Sun Sage a couple days ago. ATT 75 INT and FTH approaching 80 because I've lost my damn mind. I've had a blast using magic more than I have in the previous games and it's pretty great how you can just utterly destroy bosses at a point. Even the freaking spell cast animations are cooler. Thinking on starting something but it's gonna be hard to resist falling down the magic hole again. Maybe I'd try a Death Scythe which would likely be a scythe/polearm wielder empowered by hexes.

#69 Posted by AndrooD2 (241 posts) -

Bludgeoning Archer

High-strength. 20-30 for everything else. Mostly used Dragonrider Bow, Lightning Mace and Morningstar.

#70 Edited by BigManStomp (8 posts) -

"Bernard, Continentally (and Occasionally Gender) Confused Swordsman"

-Dexterity with a Katana (Japan)

-High Int and Sorcery (we are going to say these are from the Middle East or maybe India (still Asia, but hey, I'm no geographer. They seem like magical people))

-His name is Bernard (German)

-Sporting Alva Armor (which I just think is really British looking, similar to Greenwich Armor)

Bernard's last name could be Tzec-hoatl to round out the map a little more

Bernard has experienced Drangleic as both genders at different times in his life, just to switch it up.

#71 Edited by Zevvion (3150 posts) -

I just finished my first Let's Play of this game. I was role-playing a bit. I had a character in mind that before I started that I created over the course of the playthrough. I played around with several ideas, primairily because of how they look, not so much for the effects they give.

I titled my guy BrutalWarrior. He would use dual Claws to inflict bleeding, wear the Mad Warrior armor and Redeye Ring just for a 'brutal' look. I also played around with trying to use Immolation. We all know that pyromancy is pretty shit, but it made sense for the character I was creating. I tried it a couple of times, but yeah, that pyromancy is pretty bad. Still, I liked how it looked.

During the playthrough I commented on how much I liked the Ornstein fight. So, after I finished the game, I recorded a fun little part that shows off the BrutalWarrior. Check it out and tell me that BrutalWarrior doesn't fit how he looks without lying (starts at 1:07:40).

Loading Video...

#72 Posted by CaptainJudaism (106 posts) -

My first character was Frank the Tank. Heavy armor, greatshield, lance. Dodging? What's that? My shield can eat everything you throw at me! With the Leo ring and an upgraded Grand Lance I could counter-kill just about anything that came my way! I didn't use Havel's armor though because I hated how it looked and I will always choose the armor that looks good over what's generally considered "the best". Also havel's is so over used.

#73 Edited by geirr (2991 posts) -

Spelunkin' Encumbered Spell-Slinger

My first build is a pure sorcerer, 90 INT, managed to nab the Moonlight Great Sword with use of a bonfire ascetic. Felt much pride, still get destroyed in PvP. Also while I have tons of fancy sorcerer armor, I can't not wear item discovery+ stuff because I want to pick up everything!

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