whoo-hoo! I beat DS2 (but still haven't beat DS1)

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Despite all the challenge w/DS2, FROM did make it easier to win than DS1. With all the help from PC's and NPC's you can summon, bosses were easier to beat. The game took me 90 hours to win and I played as a knight-cleric. I was shocked at how easy the final boss was. I had pumped my Faith stat to 42 so I could use the Great Lightning Spear spell, which put me at a great advantage to beating her.

One thing that I regret a bit is relying too much on youtube to figure out what to do next in the game.

guess I need something to kill time while I wait for DS3...

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We hope you enjoyed your time in Drangleic. Please fill out a survey and tell us about your experience for a chance to win a gift card worth $25 off Beast Souls.

Congrats! I haven't started NG+ yet, but supposedly it is a markedly different experience.

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@laudasolem: Makes me feel insignificant when I hear that the game has been speedrun in 47 minutes already.

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