Yay! Soul Memory chart.

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So finally someone(mostly) figured out this soul memory thing once and for all. It's probably not perfect yet but I assume it's pretty damn close.

Here is the original post I'm sure some of you have been following this blog for this as well.

ugh cant link to the post so here's the whole blog.


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@bellmont42: Try uploading it as an image via URL. Like this.

Interesting blog btw, thanks!

e: the list of banned names for DS2 player characters is... interesting (WARNING THE SPOILER LINK IS INCREDIBLY NSFW EVEN THOUGH IT'S JUST AN ALPHABETIZED TEXT FILE)

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@dudeglove: Didn't read most of it, but I had to pan down to see if they had any letters beginning with Z.

What the fuck is 'zorch'? It sounds like an onomatopoeia.

Edit: Oh right, topic. That's pretty cool. Guess I'm in tier 34. Probably not many people around that in NG, so that might explain the lack of being summoned.

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@capum15: Yeah I wondered a bit. Urban Dictionary makes for weird reading on that, but I'll let you look it up.

I wonder if they got some 3rd party QA database to help them with it, or whether there was just a couple of sessions devoted to everyone at From saying things like "Alright, guys and gals, is pissphuker spelled with a Q or a CK?" The choices seem to be strange, and not exactly perfect (OnlyAfro recently uploaded a video where he encountered two gankers named "Adolf" and "Hitler"), so maybe the online censor stuff will probably get some additions along with changes to Soul Memory..

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@dudeglove: That sounds like a great meeting session. But yeah, a lot of choices seem kinda weird. Like the 'ho' in Chosen.

Also oh god, those names. Should've figured that would happen though.

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Based on IllusoryWall chart, Jake Barnes created an awesome visualiser for Soul Memory ranges. Check it here.

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Tier 38 and SL 150. From really needs to fix up match making to make PVP more viable.

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@golguin said:

Tier 38 and SL 150. From really needs to fix up match making to make PVP more viable.

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