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Visions of death... Therefore, try jumping! 0

The Souls series has all the makings of a terribly frustrating experience: one-hit kills, creatures mimicking treasure chests, player invasions, and a death count totaling over one million in the first week of release in its latest entry, Dark Souls 2. Passing up a game so seemingly focused on destroying a player’s will to exist seems like the logical choice to make, but missing out on what this powerful franchise has to offer is a mistake far worse than accidentally rolling off of a cliff...

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Tweaked mechanics and nods to Demon's Souls make for a fresh Dark Souls adventure. 0

In so many ways, Dark Souls II is a return to form. This can mean different things for different players, though. The original Dark Souls introduced its inhabitants to a desperate land filled with aimless, shambling hollows that echo the failure and futility of other would be heroes as well as unforgiving guardians faithfully protecting the often awe-inspiring demons who now rule each realm. The only solace in such a woefully dark kingdom were the lights cast by scarce bonfires dotting your jour...

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Death welcomes you back 0

Video ReviewIf you don't want to read this indepth review - click the link above :DDark Souls 2 ReviewReview Format - PS3Other Formats - Xbox 360 & PCIntroDeath, Destruction, Pain, suffering - words you can associate with “From Software's” soul series of games. Known for an incredible challenge in patience and misleading new players for being unfair the series has become known as one of the hardest modern games of this generation.To continue the legacy of the series we received ...

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Dive into the Dark 0

The Souls games are notorious for being unforgiving. The fact that even the most basic enemies can kill the careless player is only made all the more daunting by the fact that the souls you collect to gain power will disappear if you fail to return to the spot of your death and touch your bloodstain. But the Souls games are also notorious for being clunky, glitch-filled and frustratingly vague about their mechanics. And while Dark Souls II does unfortunately have some of the same glitches as its...

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(Not the) Sequel for Everyone 0

There are at least two different types of people that play Dark Souls. There are those of us that spend more time playing with the PvP aspect, and those of us that spend more time playing the PvE side of things. Dark Souls II excels in one area, and falters in another. For those of us that enjoy the PvP, and spend more time invading, hosting fights, and dueling, Dark Souls II is a wonderful experience that obliterates a large portion of the first game's problems and downfalls, while adding new e...

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Dark Souls II Review 0

Having just platinum this game on PS3 I was bored and decided to write a quick review. Little bit about me I am very big into action and RPG games really that is all I play. I am 28 been playing games since I was 5 and have loved them ever since. I have played and platinum all 3 souls games and love them to death because they have that old school feel but with updated graphics and gameplay.Story: The next adventure into the souls series has the player putting the plot pieces together like befor...

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Dark Souls With The Lights On 0

When I first heard that Dark Souls 2 was coming out, I was extremely excited, I probably watched the original trailer 5 times in a row. When I heard that they would make it more accessible than the original, I became apprehensive. A large part of what made the first Dark Souls so interesting and fun was the lack of direction and the need to learn the games mechanics inside & out if you wanted to get anything meaningful done. This sequel still has some of that learning curve, but not nearly a...

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Not as great as its predecessors, but the Souls formula still works. 0

I’ve been instructed by the various marketing campaigns of Dark Souls II to prepare myself for death. Death is inevitable in life and death is inevitable in Dark Souls II. You will die in Dark Souls II. You will die a lot in Dark Souls II. I would argue that one can never truly be prepared for death. Instead, one should ask, “Is death worth it?” In the case of Dark Souls II, the answer is yes. Dark Souls II does not stray very far from the formula set by its predecessors. In fa...

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