10 Things About Dark Souls You May Not Know

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Saying the world of Dark Souls is vague is putting it lightly. This game drops you in with literally nothing except a few hastily scrawled messages on the floor of the prison cell around where you awaken and it is up to you, the player, to find exactly what the hell is going on in Lordran.

Heck, perhaps you didn’t even know the world of Dark Souls is called Lordran. It’s not mentioned much. If you do a little digging into the game, you can literally piece together everything from the lore of the world to unique attacks that aren’t mentioned at all during the entire experience. Dark Souls is a game about learning, and maybe if you watch this video you could learn a thing or two about the amazing game Dark Souls.

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The extreme vagueness and immediate oppressive nature of Dark Souls is what initially turned me off from the game. Since coming back about six months ago and having played most of the game, I have to say it's probably just the opposite now. I absolutely loved learning about all the super obscure information in the game. To me, it made it all the more worthwhile of an experience.

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The game was a chore.

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I knew most of those things but the one about pre-Abyss Artorias being the NA cover art sort of blew my mind. I love that guy!

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Is it sad the only thing i didnt know in that video was the elevator kill?

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In before lock. Another thing about Artorias is that he's 20 feet tall.

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