A character from Firelink Shrine disappeared. (minor spoilers?)

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#1 Posted by Joeyoe31 (848 posts) -

I honestly don't know, everyone I ask doesn't have a clue what happened. Maybe Giantbomb will be able to help.

Okay I know about the Gold Armor Man, I beat him and returned the women's soul. All was fine. But later on my pyromancy teacher suddenly disappeared after I taught him the Chaos Fireball you get from joining the Chaos Servant Covenant.

Anyone know what happened to him? He was a super duper broman...

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#2 Posted by CraigAA1028 (651 posts) -

Well you just explained where that girl went.....I feel like crap now. I should of known that gold knight was evil.

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#3 Posted by uniform (1841 posts) -

Oh boy, I hope the quoted below isn't the reason. I hope he doesn't disappear on me.
"For some reason Laurentius asks me a question and I reply yes. I leave and come back to find him gone. I go down to blight and seem him hollowed out and attacking me. I kill him and take the 1000 souls. SInce I never got my flame to +10 I will never get to see Quelaana. This really put a damper on my Dark Souls playing for tonight."
I already replied incorrectly to one of his questions when we first spoke at Firelink.

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@uniform: Well I might as well head down to blight town. I need to put him out of his misery. That's what bros do...

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#5 Posted by Joeyoe31 (848 posts) -

And it was what @uniform said. Sad but true...wonder if everyone is going to become hollowed out.

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@Joeyoe31: Which question was it that you answered incorrectly? I was skipping through his dialog after getting him back to firelink shrine and accidentally told him twice that I wasn't interested in magic. I hope that this was not the question.

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#7 Posted by Hi_Voltg3 (65 posts) -
What are the steps to getting her back? I miss her :(
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@Hi_Voltg3 said:

@Joeyoe31: What are the steps to getting her back? I miss her :(

You need to get to Anor Londo. You do that by beating Sen's Fortress. Then just do the level normally and in the room before the boss of that area (the executioner and knight), the black eye stone will start reacting, use it and you'll invade Yurt 2.0's world. Kill him and get the firekeepers soul, you don't have to kill the mage/hunter just Yurt 2.0. Then just take it back to firelink shrine and go to her resting place and use it. Boom you're done.

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#9 Posted by silentghost227 (83 posts) -

There is someone else who can upgrade your pyromancy assuming you don't kill him...I did because he has the same skin as an enemy.

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#10 Posted by Joeyoe31 (848 posts) -

@silentghost227: The daughters of chaos aren't even hostile to you. I don't get why people attack them. Plus if you get hit by the larva that come out when they die, you have a possible chance of getting an egg on your head.

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