Alright, I need Anor Londo advice.

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Specifically the two Silver Knights with greatbows being dicks on that narrow platform. I have been trying to follow the "Two Hand Greatshield" strategy but I just keep getting knocked off the edges before I can force them to fall. Any advice, Council of Dark Duders?

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I usually rush the left knight first and roll under the right knights arrows, when he tried to shoot you in the back. Then i go past the left knight down the roof he is on and try to get himself to lunge down to his death, then the other knight is easier to take care of.

It is a lot easier also to summon someone to help, because then you don't have to be cautious that both of em' are shooting at you.

I think that part is one of the more effed up parts in that game, because you never are 100% sure that you get past it without dying.

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I always just book it up there run up to the right hand one and let him hit me until he falls off the ledge. I don't even pay any mind to the one on the left.

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Yeah, the problem with that section of Anor Londo is that there's really no trick to it. Even when I had gotten past it multiple times and was completely prepared for it, I still died over and over trying to manage it everytime I got there. All I can really say is that for all of my successful attempts, I went for the right side and just rolled back and forth very carefully until some part of his behavior would break and he would either try attacking me, or I'd be able to get him to roll off. There's almost no way to really kill them fairly.

Trying to fight them both, and doing so conventionally, is only going to drive you mad. Just banging your head against the right one until you succeed and getting into the bonfire that's almost directly past that point through the window will waste the least amount of your time.

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I've never had any problems. What I do is run for the knight on the right (HA!) and just parry his attack and stab him right in the damn stomach (riposte).

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As it has been already said. Only the one on the right is posing any real threat. Run up to him, have him bash your shield few times and he'll fall.

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either kill one or both with a poison arrow (the cowards way and my choice of ng+) or just sprint up there with your shield up ready for battle, taking out the right one fast or pushing him away and run around the corner.
you can actually sprint all the way without getting hit once all you need to do is run after the last arrow hits a wall, and sprint up to the first part. catch your breath and do it again this time before running if you stand on the either right or left side of the square wall you will only be targeted by one arrow meaning if you have enough stam you can either block/roll it and then run or just stand behind the square wall and then try and run up.
but if your really tired of it, i would say do a poison arrow, at one of them or both. either from the first platform or the second, i dont thing you can hit the left one from the first platform, but you can run away from his arrows easier when there is only one.
another slightly stupid tactic is run up and then block shield on the right guy dont lock target rather turn the camera around so you can see when the left shoot then roll when he do to dodge or shield him while kicking the right of the ledge

but if you hate that part so much again use the poison arrow, take out your bow any bow, and zoom in aim slightly to the left of him and ajust the hight of the shot, until you hit him, then just poison him stand in cover and go get something to drink check back to see if he either is dead or need to be poisoned again. if you stand at the first platform behind the right front pillar i think you need to aim about the enemys size higher to hit him.
he can also hit you but just walk side to side to doge it, you dont even have to change your aim, the pillar will block the arrow

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Run up to the first place where you have cover...go around the left side of that, run up and then go to the archer on the right side...Keep your block on and he will usually fall off on his own. Or you can fight him and knock him off. That's what I have had the most most success with. Sometimes you might get unlucky, but you will get through more often then not I have found.

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My first two times through the game I used poison arrows. I haven't been able to do that again on my 3 other characters though. I don't know why I can't do it anymore. I can't find a spot where they aren't shooting me off the buttress. I've just summoned help for these 3 newest builds. Anor Londo is a big PVP area so it always has summon signs by the elevator.

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@blommer4 said:

I've never had any problems. What I do is run for the knight on the right (HA!) and just parry his attack and stab him right in the damn stomach (riposte).

This! Or alternatively, just let him bash your shield till he falls off.

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@mosespippy: When they've stopped shooting head right to the back on the area where those last two gargoyles where and shoot from there, They only aggro once you get to the Buttress that goes up to them.

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Fuck running up there. Poison arrows are the painless way to go.

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Everyone has a different way of handling them. If you have a good shield and enough poise, you can dash up and let them take out their swords, hit you, and kill themselves by falling. Generally I found the best luck in taking out the left guy first by getting out of the way of the right guy, and then taking out the right guy. Sometimes I just get lucky and I'm able to knock the right guy off before the left guy shoots me down. I usually die two or three times before I get it right. It's a pain in the butt.

Does the Ring of Fog work? It would help from a distance at least. These guys, along with the wheel skeletons, tend to be my least favorite enemies to deal with each playthrough.

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I usually equip some light armour, wait for there to be a small break in them shooting. Then just run straight up, ignoring the knight of the left and then parry the guy on the right. It's not easy, but this seems to be reliable enough

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@thdemn: If you have homing soulmass, this is an effective strategy. Equip a shield that blocks 100% physical damage. Concentrate on just the knight on the right. Use the spell on your way up the ramp, then roll to doge the incoming arrows. Once you get to him, lock on, the soulmass will do it's thing and the jackass might just fall off the side. If not, cross your fingers and hit him a couple of times and that should do it.

Best of luck, duder.

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When you get up to the ledge they are on, you can roll to dodge the arrows from the one on the right. Get up in melee range, so that he tries to melee you. Parry. Riposte. Repeat. Proceed.

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Poison arrow is your friend and you don't even need to have the stats for it.

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@shinjin977: @historyinrust: Edit: Damn, haven't had a post eaten in a while.

Anyway, where did you shoot them from? I couldn't find a spot to do so without being shot to shit. Eventually I just decided to sprint "full-ass at 'em" as per Vinny GIF and stabbed the right guy before going to stab the left dude. Seemed super easy once I decided to do that.

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I usually just sprint up to the one on the right and block until he falls. I don't think I've ever been hit by the arrows while running to him. You just have to keep moving. If you position yourself correctly on the ledge of the building where they stand, the one on the left can't actually hit you while you deal with the one on the right.

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Man up, run up that ledge to the dude on the right and kicked that fucker straight off.

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@capum15 said:

@shinjin977: @historyinrust: Edit: Damn, haven't had a post eaten in a while.

Anyway, where did you shoot them from? I couldn't find a spot to do so without being shot to shit. Eventually I just decided to sprint "full-ass at 'em" as per Vinny GIF and stabbed the right guy before going to stab the left dude. Seemed super easy once I decided to do that.

I made camp somewhere around halfway up the first buttress. The one with the wrought-iron fencing on both sides. From there, you're protected from the Dragonslayer Arrows the Silver Knights volley your way, since they catch on the wrought iron before ever hitting you.

I'm like your inverse. I couldn't for the life of me get the "sprint-at-'em-and-parry" tactic to work. The leftern-most archer would always tag me, no matter my positioning.

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If you run up to the one on the right until he melee aggros, and then haul ass back down the ramp you ran up, he'll just fall off. Same goes for the one on the left. Relatively safe and reliable if you don't mind cheesing the system a bit.

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@historyinrust: Ah, yeah I only tried arrows a few times. I stood on that tower in the middle for the first time...did not think that one through. One shot and I was skydiving. And that left archer, for the life of me I couldn't see him before I got up to his perch, so it always looked like he was shooting through walls at me.

When I decided to run instead, I didn't get hit once. I can't remember if I rolled, blocked, or just kept sprinting, though. Been a while since I was there.

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@capum15: I see some guys (ahem, @patrickklepek) perform the run-full-ass maneuver like it's something they could pull off while sleepwalking.

It definitely works. I'm just a putz. But I'm okay with that. Haha.

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It's probably the hardest and most dickish part of the game.

I usually time the shots and run up the platform as fast as I can to get to the ledge and them immediately go right to kill the one on the right. If you get close enough to him the other guy cant hit you (the wall blocks his shots) and if you are close enough to the wall it wont knock you off (but probably will knock you back).

The key is timing and being quick, really. It's a real bitch. Good luck.

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I pulled it off. Thank you, everyone, for some enlightening ideas. Ended up bullrushing the right one and going for the Bonfire.

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Good to hear you pulled it off.

I generally found that the best strat was to armor up to give yourself plenty of poise to avoid knock back, it's not like your rolling around on that ledge. Just take the dude on the right first and the one on the left shouldn't be able to take shots at you. Then you can head back over kill the guy on the left and pick up the item behind him.

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