Anor Londo: Getting past the dual archers

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#1 Edited by Bobby_The_Great (1089 posts) -

Let me get this out of the way first, I love this game and it will probably by my GOTY.

The brilliance of this game has always been the "golden rule" of tough, but fair. That is until I got to this part in Anor Londo.

Anor Londo is where you go to after Sen's Fortress (which you go to after ringing both bells).

You will come across a VERY narrow bridge with two black knights firing dragon arrows at you. The problem with this is a) you take a ton of damage if you don't block it, or b) if you do block it, the push back is so hard, you fall to your death.

After searching online and finding no real strategies, and dying about 35 times, I finally figured it out and figured I'd start this thread for others to share their tactics.

What I did was put on light armor. For me it was a full set of the Gold-Hemmed Black Robe set (since it's light, has good physical defense, 0% on poise sadly, but I could still move fast) and run up the middle to the right knight.

While on the edge, if he shoots arrows at you, rolling is the only way to dodge it. I then was able to get near him enough to lock on and melee him (if you get up there fast enough and close enough to him, the left knight won't be able to hit you).

From there I fought him, and he eventually fell off to his death and I could progress to another area with a bonfire.

I'll post a video of this later when it finishes rendering.

For the PC version, I just found this part a little easier, did they tweak something? 

EDIT: Here is a video of how I beat the Orstein and Smough at the end of Anor Londo as well:

Loading Video...
#2 Posted by AlKusanagi (1182 posts) -

I basically did the same after struggling with this part for a while. Run full speed, ignore the left archer, and lock on to the right one, putting yourself between it and the wall and the archer should fall off if you attack or block.

This was my least favorite part of the game, until reaching the tag team bosses a little bit later.

#3 Posted by Bobby_The_Great (1089 posts) -

@AlKusanagi: Lol, I totally agree. But the bosses, though insanely difficult, are less of a hassle than this cheap part with one hit, push you off deaths.

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You need to run full fucking sprint up the inclines like a mother fucker with your shield out and then immediately turn right and just take a few shots to the chest like a boss because if you get your shield out that fucker is knocking you off the building.
I pretty much refuse to put my white soapstone up outside the Anor Lando bonfire now because every time I try to phantom for someone they end up getting picked off by those god damn archers.

#5 Posted by bcjohnnie (456 posts) -

This part sucked, but because of this strategy I made it first try (I had seen a lot of people stream the game and have lots of trouble with this):

Get just close enough to the guy on the right so that he puts away his bow and tries to melee you. Then back away so that he tries to follow you... most of the time, he will fall off. Of course, the other dude may shoot you in the back during this. Before you run around the ledge past where the dude on the right used to be, wait for another arrow and try to block it, so that you don't get knocked off so close to victory.

This part is total bullshit though, those knights shouldn't be able to balance up there.

#6 Posted by DanteFaustEsq (116 posts) -

After dying a few times myself I bit the bullet and used the hidden body spell to dash all the way up to the first knight parried his attack and one shoted him with a repose from my black knight sword. hidden body's been a life saver ever since I got it.

#7 Posted by Bobby_The_Great (1089 posts) -

@DanteFaustEsq: Where did you get that spell? That's a spell I need to get ASAP.

#8 Edited by DanteFaustEsq (116 posts) -
@Bobby_The_Great:  In Darkroot Basin after killing the hydra walk to the left of the lake past the water fall and you should find a cave with a golden crystal golem kill it and a woman will pop out of it, she's a  sorcery merchant you can't buy anything right now but leave and come back in human form and go to the edge of the lake there will be a summoning sign for her she'll sell you stealth magic.
#9 Posted by Bobby_The_Great (1089 posts) -

@DanteFaustEsq: Wow, I killed the Hydra and just left, didn't even search around, lol. Thanks!

#10 Posted by Bocam (4053 posts) -

I rolled like a motherfucker.

#11 Posted by Robot_Sneakers (418 posts) -

I just lost a bunch of souls and humanity at this part, it's total crap and made me quit for the night. I'll definitely give these strategies a shot tomorrow. I guess heavy armor isn't the way to go 

#12 Posted by Jeffsekai (7155 posts) -


Go up the right side, just run you are faster than the arrow. Then murder him, pretty straight forward I thought.

#13 Posted by Oginam (459 posts) -

@Robot_Sneakers: Shoot them with a couple poison arrows. You can buy them from the merchant at the end of the waterway that links Firelink to the Undead areas. 2-3 arrows will poison them, then wait 2 minutes while they die and you can walk up there without a care in the world.

#14 Posted by sixghost (1716 posts) -

I guess high movement characters have much less trouble with this. I just sprinted past everything up to them, threw a fire orb at the one on the right, and he fell off. 1st try.

#15 Posted by Xeiphyer (5684 posts) -

Once you get up close to one archer, you will be out of range of the other one. Just get up in his face and block, and he will attack you and bounce himself off the edge.

#16 Posted by MrMuscle (496 posts) -

This place is really killing my game mood. Ive been dying there over and over tonight. I even went and washed my stove instead of dying again. Hopefully ill get it when i start fresh tomorrw.

#17 Posted by StrainedEyes (1355 posts) -

Roll to avoid the arrows, it's not hard.

#18 Posted by James5955 (82 posts) -

I had a lot of trouble with this part before and I was a sorcerer so when a arrow hit me it took off a good percentage of my health. I got past by doing the following though:

Sprint up with your shield up, more often than not even if I get hit by a arrow it doesn't knock me off the edge. When you reach the wall, sprint to the right and roll to the corner closest to the archer on the right. The left archer won't be able to shoot you, but the right archer can. From there you can block each arrow shot, put down your shield in between shots to regain stamina, and hope that the knight will pull out his sword soon. If/when the knight does bring out the sword you just need to block and try to make the AI make the mistake of falling off the edge. It seems very luck based in that sense which drive me up the wall.

Another way is to summon a few people to help you, I did this part last night with the help of two phantoms. One went left and took out that archer, while the other that had a ridiculous boss axe (Golem Axe) parried the right archer and insta-pwned him. I found there to be a lot of people putting up summon signs in Anor Lando, especially around the spiraling tower.

#19 Posted by Shadow (5110 posts) -

yesterday, after failing a dozen times, I equipped the force miracle, ran past all the enemies, sprinted up the ledges, right up to him, and pushed HIM off the side of the building for a change. So satisfying

#20 Posted by Oginam (459 posts) -

Poison Arrows. Wait 2 minutes. No archers left to worry about.

#21 Edited by RandomInternetUser (6805 posts) -

I just threw my first controller in 4 years because of this shit. I've not found much of the rest of this game difficult at all, but fuck. I get to the son of a bitch on the right, and when he hits my shield he doesn't get pushed back at all. It just drains most of my stamina and then he follows up and crushes my defense then I can barely get my shield up before he attacks again, and even though my back is to the wall, I somehow fucking fall off. I also can't really attack, my axe is too slow to hit him before he hits me.

Edit: FUCK. I swing my axe but fall off, he falls off half a second after me. I'm guessing they fucking re-spawn, but even if they don't he doesn't count as dead since I died first, right?

Goddamnit, to make matters worse, when I'm going down that one small "bridge" to get to the last two gargoyles before these fucking ass holes, at the bottom there is a glitch where I am now always taking damage from nothing for at least half of a health bar. So that's fucking real fun. (Just fucking lost 40k souls because of it)

Finally got past the fucking prick, thank god there is a bonfire right after.

#22 Posted by James5955 (82 posts) -

Poison arrows/force miracle seem like the best methods of getting past them. I'll have to try that next time.

#23 Posted by ProLife_Zombie (30 posts) -

Arrows work great here. There's a place half way up the flying buttress right before the divider that leads up to the ledge the two archers are on. If you buy a lot feathered arrows from the merchant in Sen's fortress you can shot the archers while their arrows hit the railing and don't hurt you. I'm pretty sure the poison arrows would work even better. I'm going to try that out next time.

#24 Posted by Tennmuerti (8520 posts) -

I mainly died to them a bunch due to my own greed by trying to go for that corpse guarded by the archer on the left. And it was just a shitty soul >.<

#25 Posted by fireb0x (27 posts) -

I keep hitting the archer on the right with a poison arrow but he never dies? Thoughts?

#26 Posted by Seppli (11233 posts) -

Did it first try. While I was in trouble and cursed like a sailor, I beat it right away. Pretty much what you did. Only wearing thick-ass plate and using the stone shield.

#27 Posted by Ares42 (3089 posts) -

Been stuck there for a while now. Reminds me of my old saying about Demon's Souls, "it's not hard, it's just bad". What's really annoying is that I got straight up to the right guy on the first try but he wouldn't fall off. Then I tried the left one and lost a bunch of souls. Tried using Force, but that didn't do shit. Now I can't even get to the right one anymore as every time I get up on the ledge in the 1-2 secs it gets to get to the corner I get an arrow in the back. But hey.. I don't have any souls to lose anymore so guess I could go back to the castle and farm up some levels so I can try poison arrow... /sigh. Really unfortunate, had been enjoying this game a lot after not liking Demon's Souls at all, but this shit just tarnished the whole thing.

#28 Posted by Oginam (459 posts) -
@fireb0x Need to get 2-3 into him in quick succession so the poison applies. Once it does you'll see a purple mist around him or,if you're close enough, a constant amount of damage every couple seconds. Can zoom in with the bow using up on the d pad to get a better view if the mist also.
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I had terrible problems with this part to, quitting for the night after getting killed by these guys like a zillion times.

I finally got through it by upgrading my Hallow Solder Shield to +7 (for the higher stability) and wearing the +40 Poise ring. I was wearing black iron helm, torso, gloves and the crimson pants (standard gear) that puts me at about 49% load.

With all that, I was able to literally just walk up to the first dude and hack him to pieces. I kept my shield in front of me the entire climb, but they never hit me with those fucking ballistic missiles the game refers to as "arrows". I went to the silver knight on the right first, dropped my guard once he switched to sword and shield, and just wailed on him while my high poise (90ish with the ring) allowed me to just soak his hits without breaking my attacks.

Not nearly as elegant as a lot of the other solutions in this thread, but it did the trick.

#30 Posted by Vinny (4765 posts) -

Yeah, this part was a bummer. I just did this last night. After trying everything from highest poise armor I had (stone armor and Iron Flesh) to Fog Ring and Slumbering Dragon Ring [name?] (invisible and quiet)...nothing worked. Finally, like other folks have said, I went back to the lady in the sewer tunnels and bought some poison arrows. After that, I posted up behind that wall after the last gargoyles and before you have to sprint up to the knights, and equipped my Fog Ring to punch them with about 3-4 poison arrows. Waited for a few minutes and they died. Maybe a bit of cheese, but man, that part...after that though, the castle wasn't so bad.



#31 Edited by Donos (1226 posts) -

I tried fighting my way through a couple times and dying, but in the end just running and using the jump/roll past the second gargoyle onto the bridge worked fine. Keep running and the archers will miss, move left and right occasionally so the gargoyle shots miss, run up to the right archer, he melees, push him off the edge and hurray bonfire. Then a chest ate me.

#32 Posted by kishinfoulux (2883 posts) -

Honestly it isn't that hard. Just put on light armor so you can sprint at your maximum. Ignore the guy on the left. There's a treasure over there but I think it's just a soul. Not worth the grief. Just jet to the right and defeat the Black Knight. The other guy stopped shooting arrows at that point. Once you conquer that the bonfire is right ahead.

#33 Posted by Ares42 (3089 posts) -

Finally got past it with poison arrows. It's really fucked up though, while in aiming mode I could swear their "missiles" actually home in on you. I'm 99% sure I saw some pretty heavy curving.

#34 Posted by Kazzurak (395 posts) -

i used the poison arrow trick but it would seem a Ring of Fog + Slumbering Dragoncrest Ring would do quick work of them i didnt bother to continue up the bridge / walkway whatever because i had already poisoned them from the bottom where you fight the flying monster thingys but they didnt shoot at me on my way up there when i was using the ring of fog

#35 Posted by Donos (1226 posts) -

@Ares42 said:

Finally got past it with poison arrows. It's really fucked up though, while in aiming mode I could swear their "missiles" actually home in on you. I'm 99% sure I saw some pretty heavy curving.

Enemy projectiles do home in, maybe to compensate for them moving so slow. No, it doesn't make sense.

#36 Posted by Ares42 (3089 posts) -

@Donos said:

@Ares42 said:

Finally got past it with poison arrows. It's really fucked up though, while in aiming mode I could swear their "missiles" actually home in on you. I'm 99% sure I saw some pretty heavy curving.

Enemy projectiles do home in, maybe to compensate for them moving so slow. No, it doesn't make sense.

well, that explains some of the other really fucked things that happened to me at that spot, like getting hit mid-roll etc.

#37 Posted by Stahlbrand (889 posts) -

Poison arrow one, wait for him to die, and cold run it on the other, and don't stop until you close to melee.

Or, poison the one on the right, then run it and break right heading for the exit, skipping the guy on the left and missing out on the Soul of a Hero he guards.

#38 Posted by Theresonlyone (211 posts) -
  • Fog Ring or Invisibillity.
  • Quiet armour.
  • Walk quietly until you hear the bows being drawn.
  • run up to the one on the right.
  • Enter soul farming heaven.
#39 Posted by fireb0x (27 posts) -

@Oginam said:

@fireb0x Need to get 2-3 into him in quick succession so the poison applies. Once it does you'll see a purple mist around him or,if you're close enough, a constant amount of damage every couple seconds. Can zoom in with the bow using up on the d pad to get a better view if the mist also.

@Oginam: Awesome tip! Worked for me very well. I had never used poison arrows before so I didn't know it took multiple and even though I had tried to hit him with a few in a row, I think I let them space out too far apart because I was trying to conserve poison arrows. After reading your tip, I only had 2 poison arrows and decided to go for it before heading back to sewers for more. I pumped with him 2 poison arrows in a row with about 6 seconds in between and it worked. Thanks for the tip!

#40 Edited by envane (1188 posts) -

Yeah i used poison arrows (from the female undead merchant in the sewer tunnel between the burg and depths),

I found the best place to shoot them from was in the small roofed section with the 2 gargoyles after the down ramp and before the up ramps ,i got as far back from them as possible and their shots couldnt hit me and i could shoot my posion arrows allll the way up to them , then waited it out .. sure it feels cheap as fuck but that part was hell..

now i use the dragonslayer greatbow and felt vindicated after i shot a black phantom off a bridge in new londo ruins :D

most hated area apart from this section is god damned crystal caves and trying to get the damn blue titanite slab

#41 Posted by Simtastic (18 posts) -

My character is all about light weight so I just found if I sprinted the arrows would miss me, from there I attacked the archer on the right and skipped the other archer.

#42 Posted by Nux (2573 posts) -

I lovew you for makeing this thread. I cant get past past this part.

#43 Posted by John1912 (2186 posts) -

@Oginam said:

Poison Arrows. Wait 2 minutes. No archers left to worry about.

#44 Posted by Ares42 (3089 posts) -

Anor Londo really broke my illusion of Dark Souls redeeming Demon's Souls. With these archers and the double boss (guess what, the combat system sucks at fighting multiple enemies). It's just back to being bad now. But hey, I got like 25 hours of enjoyment out of the game so guess I shouldn't complain :P

#45 Posted by FluxWaveZ (19824 posts) -

After dying about 7 times, I succeeded by running towards the right archer and when he switched from his bow to his sword, I killed him with one Soul Spear. The left archer can't reach you if you move enough to the right, so it gave me enough time to cast the spell. Then it was easy to kill the left archer the same way.

#46 Posted by SirDancelot (88 posts) -

I did this part on my first try, and found out later many struggled with it. I was wearing gold hemmed robes with the wood grain ring (super rolls, lets your travel really fast for a short burst), and just rolled/ran my way up, dispatched the archer on the right, and turned back to take out the one on the left. The arrows are very visible, so they're fairly easy to dodge. The worst thing you can do here is try blocking, since you'll just get pushed off and rage quit.

#47 Posted by gla55jAw (2768 posts) -

I don't get why people had such a hard time with the archers. I sprinted right up to the one on the right and killed him. The 2 bosses in the area, I killed on my second try. Just turn human and summon someone.

#48 Posted by CptBedlam (4487 posts) -

@Oginam said:

Poison Arrows. Wait 2 minutes. No archers left to worry about.

That's what I did.

#49 Posted by sanBASHi (38 posts) -

@Simtastic said:

My character is all about light weight so I just found if I sprinted the arrows would miss me, from there I attacked the archer on the right and skipped the other archer.


#50 Edited by Marz (5753 posts) -

Just ran to the archer on the right, the left one didn't have line of sight so it was easy to kill the one on the right.

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