Any reviews of the PC version yet?

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Own it for 360 but decided to invest my time in a new character for the PC version if it was a capable port. Some of the messages From Software were giving out about the PC version had me worried, though reading the Eurogamer preview gave me some faith about performance.

Haven't gone and bought it because I want to wait and see how it stacks up.

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No, no reviews yet. But I expect it to run like Eurogamer described it in their preview. It is a console port which will run better in certain areas (Blighttown, for example). And I'm fine with that.

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I own the game for PS3 but kind of want to support the PC version so that From will continue with the PC and hopefully learn to do better ports. Only catch is, I don't want to roll a new character. If you could some how get your PS3 save to work on the PC version with a USB drive and fairy dust, I would totally buy it.

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My Review: It's Dark Souls. Play it.

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I wish I had better income... I've already played it a loooot on 360, so buying it again is a bad idea. But I want to encourage them that making a pc version at all was a good idea.

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Just a heads up. A few people are already playing and streaming it and it seems that framerate is moving at a steady 30 FPS in some of the rough areas (which is to say mainly Blighttown). Also it seems pretty stable so far and the loading times are faster then the console versions. Other then that, it's the same game. Obviously performance will vary but so far it's not as bad as some people thought it was. I'll get back when my copy actually arrives.

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Apparently PC Gamer in the UK gave it a 89%.'

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people are saying it's upscaled from 720p. does that mean that the game still runs @1080p but the textures are lower rez? or is 720p the maximum resolution of everything, polygonal assets and all? i saw some pretty blurred/honestly kinda ugly pics posted of PC version basically showing it was merely upscaling everything on Steam forums, but then again, it's Steam forums.

i'll probably get it anyway for $32 as it's my preferred platform and i technically don't own the PS3 in my place right now. plus hopes of patches and possible community mods in future and unlocking of 30fps limit.

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