Anyone know where egg shells are at?

#1 Posted by Tannrow (10 posts) -

i heard u can trade egg shells for dragon scales from snuggly or whoevers at the undead asylum

#2 Posted by Timing (634 posts) -

You mean the egg vermifuge? If so, I only found one of these, and I'm pretty sure I've been everywhere by now.

It's in the Painted World of Ariamis. If I remember correctly, you have to make you way to the roof of the building to the left, after you've gone up the stairs above the closed gate (just past the bonfire). Once there you'll see a small balcony sticking out below the roof. I believe that's where I found it. I could be very wrong though, but I'm sure it's at least somewhere in that area.

#3 Posted by stubbleman (308 posts) -

You can get them in the Darkroot Garden. I forget which monster drops them, but I think it's these red and black spotted manta ray looking frog creature things.

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