Anyone want to pvp? Post your level!

#1 Posted by WMWA (1159 posts) -

I think I've gotten everything I want out of the main game and narrative, so now I'm venturing into PVP. I've been doing it with my brother and had no problems summoning him. It'd be cool to play with some GB members, too. So my SL right now is 132. Playing on PS3. PSN: wmaustin55. Tell me if you want to team up!

Also, if there are still enough people playing then just post your console, soul level and Gamertag/psn so everyone can find someone to play with.

#2 Posted by MasturbatingestBear (1174 posts) -

50. XBawx.

#3 Posted by Bocam (3538 posts) -

Dark souls doesn't work like that

#4 Posted by WMWA (1159 posts) -
@Bocam I mean team up for PVP. Like in darkroot or the kiln. Lol
#5 Posted by Sauson (560 posts) -

@Bocam said:

Dark souls doesn't work like that

Actually it does. I've recently found out that there is a hardcore PVP community who meet up and hold PVP tournaments in Demon's Souls and Dark Souls.

#6 Posted by WMWA (1159 posts) -

Made a new character last night and had my brother hold all my stuff from my high lvl character to give back. Now lvl 30 using chaos washing pole +5, ornsteins armor plus mask of the child, grass crest shield, ring of favor and flip ring. If anyone needs help or wants to team up for PVP in the darkroot forest, pm me or add me on psn: wmaustin55 =)

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