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Thank you friends, it was a wonderful experience. Threads are pretty unpredictable I find, even if the troll is a can't miss so I just don't look at them for a few days then come back. Fortunately, despite having to put "this is a troll post" at the bottom of it, it still worked wonders. I didn't read every single post yet but got the gist and enjoyed myself immensely. If it was unclear: I really like Vinny and Giant Bomb as a whole (and I like the idea behind it even more), I just wanted a humorous discussion about it so if it wasn't doing in the podcast I'll take solace in internet fury. If you'd like to read about my actual opines on the game I wrote a shitload at a month or two ago and am going to post a gigantic review a la my Demon's Souls Review ( ) within a week. I'm a fairly helpful soul despite my bizarre intentions and may very well stick around.

Wow Noscript hates this board.

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Please go away!!

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